2020-2021 Retreats

We invite you to join us for Misphachah B’Ramah, Physically-Distanced Family Getaways at Ramah Darom! Bring your family to Ramah Darom for Thanksgiving, Winter Break or a long weekend or join us for a Women-Only Weekend or an Adult-Only Getaway.

Retreats and the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center at Ramah Darom offer an incredible opportunity to have fun while exploring what Judaism means to you and furthering your passions and interests through a Jewish lens. Our 185-acre breathtaking, kosher facility is a perfect mountain playground where everyone feels welcome and retreat guests explore, learn, create, connect and build community.

Join us for experiential retreats and celebrate Jewish living and learning together in the North Georgia Mountains. 

Review Ramah Darom’s Immunization Policy.

Contact us at reatreats@ramahdarom.org