Mapal Legacy Society

Everyone can be a Philanthropist!

The Mapal Legacy Society honors donors who have provided for Ramah Darom in their estate plans. Through donations to the Mapal Legacy Society, donors bolster Ramah Darom’s endowment fund, providing a financial foundation for long-term plans and scholarship aid to future generations of members of Ramah Darom’s community. You can help safeguard the future of Ramah Darom by including us in your estate plan. Your legacy gift will support the camp perpetually and identify you as a devoted supporter of Ramah Darom forever.

Why leave a bequest or planned gift to Ramah Darom?

Your donation to the Mapal Legacy Society ensures that Ramah Darom will continue to:

  • Connect Jewish children and adults to their roots and to each other;
  • Offer exceptional experiences in Jewish living and learning in a one-of-a-kind, inspiring community;
  • Offer an outstanding place for Jewish groups of all kinds to celebrate Jewish life;
  • Touch the lives of thousands of children and adults each year and through them influence the lives of many more;
  • Foster and inspire Jewish intellectual and spiritual growth;
  • Connect children and adults to a larger Jewish community and to our Jewish homeland of Israel;
  • Inspire individuals committed to building and sustaining a vibrant Jewish future;
  • Sustain the vitality of the American Jewish community.

Who benefits from your bequest or planned gift to Ramah Darom?

Ramah Darom will continue to strengthen the lives of Jewish children, young adults and senior adults for generations to come. As shown in recent research, “students who attended Ramah as campers were more observant of Jewish ritual, more positive about Jewish and Zionist identity, more inclined to date and marry Jews, and more active in Jewish life.” (Research Findings on the Impact of Camp Ramah by Dr. Ariela Keysar and Dr. Barry A. Kosmin)

To join the Mapal Legacy Society, please contact Sharon Rosenfeld, Director of Development, at (404) 503-2129, or complete our Declaration of Intent.