What makes Camp Ramah Darom unique?

At Ramah Darom we bring together a diverse community of talented, experienced, nurturing staff, offer outstanding programs rooted in a strong foundation of Jewish education and infuse a love of Israeli culture and Jewish heritage into everything we do. At Camp Ramah Darom. campers gain new knowledge, skills and experiences, which help them develop strong Jewish identities— through prayer, a lively song session or even a game of basketball. The profound importance of community to the Camp experience cultivates a strong understanding of communal connection and responsibility. Ramah Darom is an inclusive camp and offers Tikvah Support for campers with neurodevelopmental and physical disabilities. We also focus attention on developing our campers and staff into leaders, educators and free-thinking individuals.

What are the Enrollment Policies?
What are Camp's Healthy Protocols & Vaccination Policies
What ages does Camp Ramah Darom serve?

Ramah Darom has summer programs for children entering the 2nd-11th grades as well as a Tikvah Vocational Education Program for young adults. Below is a list of our aidot (age divisions).

Aidot Hebrew Rising Grade Program Length
Ta'am טַעַם 2nd Grade 5-nights
Garinim גַרְעִינִים 3rd Grade 11-nights
Nitzanim Ktzara

נִצָנִים קְצָרָה 4th Grade 18-nights

נִיצַנִים 4th Grade 4-weeks

סוֹלְלִים 5th Grade 4-weeks
Halutzim חלוּצִים 6th Grade 4-weeks
Kochavim כּוֹכבִִים 7th Grade 4-weeks
Shoafim שׁוֹאפִים 8th Grade 4-weeks
Nachshonim נחְשׁוֹנִים 9th Grade 4-weeks
Nivonim נְבוֹנִים 10th Grade 4-weeks
Gesher גֶשֶׁר 11th Grade 8-weeks
Tikvah Vocational Education Program 12th+ 4-weeks

Campers entering the 4th grade may come for Nizanim K’tzara or a 4-week session, and children entering 6th-10th grade may elect to attend either one or two 4-week sessions. Camp Ramah Darom’s Gesher Leadership Program is an 8-week experience for rising 11th graders. Ramah Darom also offers a variety of year-round retreats for all ages and stages.

What kind of activities will my child participate in at Camp?

The daily schedule is packed with a variety of exciting activities. Your child will choose from a range of both sporting and non-sporting activities in which we stress skill acquisition and development. Additionally, swimming, learning, bunk activities, evening programs, daily prayers and culturally-based activities are just part of your child’s daily life at Camp.

What are Camp's Medication & Health Protocols?
What are your staff requirements and you camper to staff ratio?

Our selective hiring process requires applicants to be at least a rising college freshman who have a strong Jewish background and experience working with youth. Additionally, we seek staff members with maturity and strong character who have the ability to serve as positive role models. They must apply with three personal, educational, and professional references.

Another characteristic that differentiates us from other camps is our camper-to-staff ratio. Overall, we have one staff member for every two campers. Within our bunks, the ratio is no more than four campers to one counselor, ensuring that each child receives as much individualized attention as possible.

Is there financial assistance available for Camp?
What type of contact will I have with my child at Camp?
Are parents permitted to visit Camp?

Due to the short length of each Camp session, we are not able to offer a visiting day, and we do not allow parents to drop in.

Is Camp able to accommodate my child’s food allergies?

Many of our campers have various dietary restrictions, from lactose intolerance to peanut allergies. Parents may alert us to special dietary needs by submitting a special diet request form so that we can ensure that your child receives all the special accommodations that they require.

Please reach out to camp@ramahdarom.org with any additional questions.

What is the Kashrut policy at Camp Ramah Darom?

During the summer season, Camp Ramah Darom’s kashrut and kitchen facilities are under the supervision of Jeff Weener.

What medical facilities do you have on-premises?

During the summer, our health center (MARP) is staffed at all times with two physicians and four nurses. These skilled professionals are available to provide routine care and to respond to emergencies. Medications are distributed during meal times from our mini infirmary. If your child requires emergency medical service, there are three hospitals within an hour radius of Camp.

Please reach out to medical@ramahdarom.org with any additional questions.

How can I determine if my child will be ready for a sleep-away experience?

Camp readiness is an important consideration, and we know you may be wondering whether your child is ready for a first experience, or ready to make the shift from two to four weeks away. There are many ways to assess how your child might adjust to a camp setting based on current information. As we get closer to Camp, we will be sharing specific ideas on how to best prepare your child for a successful summer.

Please reach out to camp@ramahdarom.org with any questions.

How do campers get to Camp?

Our campers come from 11 southeastern states, and many fly to Atlanta, where they are met by our staff and transported to Camp. There are buses available from certain locations where parents can drop off their campers and some parents choose to drive their children directly to Camp. Whichever way you choose, our staff is here to support you. Please reach out to travel@ramahdarom.org with any questions.

How will my child know where everything is?

Our staff and veteran campers will help show new campers around campus. You can register for a virtual tour of our campus or on-campus tours the day before Session Aleph and Bet. Reach out to camp@ramahdarom.org for more information.

What kind of security does Camp have?

Keeping our campus secure is the result of collaborative efforts between the Security Committee of our Board of Directors, our professional staff, the Rabun County Sheriff’s Department, the Secure Community Network and a local security firm with whom we contract. Among our key safety protocols for the summer:

  • All entrances to our Clayton campus are gated, and our perimeter is secured to prevent vehicle entry.
  • A uniformed Sheriff’s Deputy is stationed 24/7 at a security building at the first entrance to our campus, and a law enforcement vehicle is always clearly visible at that entrance. The Deputy on duty has access to an extensive network of security cameras positioned throughout our facility.
  • All visitors must check in at the security building before entering our campus.
  • Through our partnership with a local security firm, we hire plain-clothed Georgia law enforcement officers who live at Camp throughout the summer and continuously patrol our campus.
Where is Camp Ramah Darom located?

Camp Ramah Darom is located in the town of Clayton, Georgia in the North Georgia Mountains. We are approximately two hours northeast of Atlanta.

Our campus address is 70 Darom Lane in Clayton, GA 30525

Our year-round business office address is 6400 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 215, Atlanta, GA 30339

Where can I access applications and other forms?

Register here! Most forms and documents can be completed online.

Contact Andrea Cohen, Ramah Darom’s Administrative Manager at 404.477.1038 or andreacohen@ramahdarom.org.

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“Thank you for EVERYTHING! My pre-camp conversation with the medical staff was helpful, effective and made for the best summer yet. The yoetzet was amazing and showed initiative in reaching out to me (to basically tell me that everything was amazing with my kid before I even reached out to her). I had no cause for a single concern all session.”