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Camp Yofi is an exceptional program for Jewish families with children with autism spectrum disorder between the ages of 6 and 13. Single parents, grandparents, and siblings are invited to attend and all Jewish families are welcome, regardless of synagogue affiliation or denomination.

Meeting other families with special needs, making new friends, building Jewish community, enjoying all of our recreational activities and experiencing the magic of summer camp at Camp Ramah Darom are the keys to the Camp Yofi experience.

Each year parents tell us that Camp Yofi deepens their Jewish spirit, connects them to their religion and spirituality and offers them a sense that they are not the only Jewish family with a child with autism. We continue to receive recognition from The Covenant Foundation for Camp Yofi for this one-of-a-kind program.

Tuition only covers a portion of the cost of Camp Yofi. Your contributions will help us to continue offering Camp Yofi and to make it accessible for any family, regardless of financial circumstances. Every donation – big and small – makes a big difference.

“In this world we felt so comfortable, so loved and supported, not judged, full of understanding and free to be who we truly are, not pretending or saying sorry all the time. Yofi is able to create that special place like no other.”

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Adult and camper playing and smiling

Adults and Children posing at Camp Yofi

Campers and staff playing with water.

To learn more about giving opportunities please contact
Sharon Rosenfeld 
at 404.503.2129 or srosenfeld@ramahdarom.org

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