The Kadima! Campaign is a comprehensive plan supporting leadership, accessibility, education and fun through capital projects, program initiatives and endowments.

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Capital Projects & Program Initiatives

Phase 1: Program Center

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Program Center Overhead location

Thanks to our Ramah Darom supporters, we have met our fundraising goal and the new Program Center is happening.

The Program Center will be located next to the Amphitheater where our original Dining Hall (Beit Am Katan) currently stands. This multi-functional facility will provide much-needed indoor program space for our summer camp staff and the thousands of guests who join us year-round. The Program Center will include meeting and recreational spaces, a staff lounge and a brand new fitness center. Our goal is to have the building ready for Kayitz (Summer) 2023!

Below are preliminary drawings of the exterior and indoor floor plans.

Naming opportunities are still available for this new building and for other Kadima! Campaign initiatives. Please contact Sharon RosenfeldDirector of Development, at (404) 503-2129 for more information.

Preliminary Drawings of the new Program Center

Program Center preliminary floor plan

Phase 2: Gesher Village

On the east side of our campus, on a 45-acre property Ramah Darom acquired (in 2019), an exciting new initiative is being planned: the creation of a new home for our Gesher Leadership Program. Gesher is the pinnacle of the Camp Ramah Darom camper experience and a key milestone in training future Jewish leaders.

Nestled in the mountain treetops and overlooking our lake, we will develop a beautiful Gesher Village. This will be a place that our oldest campers can call their own, where they will build foundational Jewish experiences and create bonds to last a lifetime.

This area will also be home to the new Menkowitz Bike Trail, tent platforms for overnight campouts, a zipline circuit, a natural climbing rock, a covered pavilion, an outdoor classroom and more, for all to enjoy. With brand new accommodations and new indoor and outdoor programming areas, Gesher Village will be used year-round during retreats and rentals.

Click Y’alla Gesher to see how past Gesher aidot are working together to help support the creation of the new Gesher Village at Ramah Darom.

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Welcome Center Extension

Ramah Darom’s founders imagined our campus as a meeting place for all Jewish communities, large and small. The new Welcome Center Extension will be a self-contained space with housing, a kitchen and conference rooms.  This building, located on flat terrain and offering additional ADA housing, will provide space for our growing Tikvah Vocational Program, offer opportunities to host smaller retreats and will be the home of a future year-round Jewish leadership program.

Additional Campus/Programmatic Expansion

At Ramah Darom, retreat participants, campers and staff connect through team building and FUN. In the coming years we plan to:

  • Build a new Teaching Kitchen. As part of our Levine Ramah Center update, the new teaching kitchen will connect to our current outdoor pizza patio, offering programming and engagement space for guests of all ages. The teaching kitchen will also offer an additional learning space for participants in our Tikvah Vocational Program.
  • Create a Canopy Walk. Connecting our lake and softball field on the south side of our campus, this wooded wonderland will be filled with outdoor fun. Picture tree climbing, a bouldering wall, an awesome water slide right into the lake and more.
  • Enhance our sports fields and other outdoor programming spaces.
  • Expand the Gan and enjoy the newly built playground for our staff children and young retreat participants.
  • Lower roads refresh. Replace two of the older cabins and build a new multipurpose building to provide additional indoor programming space.


In early 2020 as Ramah Darom prepared to celebrate its first 25 RAMAHrkable years, our Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan with three key priorities:

  1. Dramatically expand and broaden the Ramah Darom community over the coming years, and substantially increase the number of exceptional experiences we offer.
  2. Commit to enhancing and beautifying our Clayton campus.
  3. Focus on ensuring universal affordability for our programs.

Strategic Plan graphic

With this strong commitment to our future, a thorough facility and infrastructure assessment was completed, a new master site plan for our Clayton campus was created, and Kadima! (Forward!) became our catchphrase.


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Every donation and every dollar will help us move forward, Kadima! Below are a few dedicated opportunities.

Capital Naming Opportunities & Endowments

Capital Naming Opportunities

Below is a list of current naming opportunities, some of which may be modified before the completion of the campaign. Gifts can be paid across a three-year payment schedule. For more information, please contact Sharon Rosenfeld, Director of Development, at (404) 503-2129.

Program Center

Program Center Building  $1,000,000

Leadership Lounge $250,000

Fitness Center $250,000 (SOLD)

Program Center of Excellence Space $250,000

Coffee Bar $50,000 (SOLD)

Games Center $50,000 (SOLD)

Porches 1 $36,000 (SOLD)

Porches 2 $36,000 (SOLD)

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Gesher Village
  • Village
  • Cabins
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Pavilion
  • Trails
Canopy Walk
  • Walkway
  • Observation Deck
  • Art Stations
  • Bouldering Wall
  • Water Slide
Welcome Center Extension
  • Building
  • Guest Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Dining Room
Teaching Kitchen
Lower Roads Refresh
  • 2 New Cabins
  • Multipurpose Building

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Establishing an endowment in perpetuity will provide a permanent flow of income while we move forward, enhancing lives now and far into the future.

As part of the Kadima! campaign, we invite you to help grow our current scholarship and campus maintenance endowments – and help create new ones that support staff positions and program initiatives. With a goal of universal affordability and expanded exceptional Jewish programming for all ages and stages, the list below is only a sampling of our needs.

Summer Staff Programming $100,000+

Tikvah Vocational Staff & Programming $100,000+

The Ramah Darom Retreat Programming Excellence Fund (Newly Created)
This newly created Fund will be used to enhance programming at Ramah Darom Retreats.

Leadership Training $100,000+

Wildnerness & Adventure Staff & Programming $100,000+

Mountain Biking Staff & Programming $100,000+

KADIMA! Let’s Go Ramah Darom!

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For info on the Kadima! Campaign and dedication opportunities, please contact Sharon Rosenfeld, Director of Development, at (404) 503-2129.

Y'alla Gesher starbust logoCamper alumni, visit Y’alla Gesher to see how your Gesher aidah is helping to build a village at Ramah Darom!