Camp Ramah Darom

Welcome to a place where laughter abounds, where friendships are formed, where everyone is welcome, and where each day brings new opportunities to celebrate Jewish life.
Welcome to Ramah Darom (Ramah of the South).


Come Discover Camp Ramah Darom.

We invite you to learn all about us by exploring our website, watching our videos and asking us questions online or over the phone. Join us at a year-round program and come spend the summer with us!

Since 1997, we have watched children grow from timid first-time campers into confident young adults who are now becoming leaders in their own communities. Ramah Darom is a place where children have fun, learn new skills, gain independence and build lifelong friendships. In this space, campers from the Southeast join together with staff members from around the United States and Israel to create an exceptional Jewish community.

I look forward to meeting your camper this summer and becoming your partner in nurturing their growth. See you at Ramah Darom!


Geoff Menkowitz

Director, Camp Ramah Darom



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