The Best Summer Ever Awaits

Thank you for your interest in Camp Ramah Darom. We are here to help you find the best summer program for your camper and answer your questions. Please complete the information below and a member of our team will reach out to you soon. Make sure to scroll all the way down for Kayitz (Summer) 2024 dates and rates, programs and more.

Tells Us About You!

From 5, 11 and 18-night programs to Ramah Bamah, our new 2-week musical theater specialty program to 4 and 8-week summer experiences to Tikvah support for campers with disabilities and Camp Yofi, we invite you to experience the magic of Ramah Darom in the way that best fits your child(ren) and your family. However much time your camper spends with us in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we promise days and nights filled with adventure, fun and joyful Judaism.

Camp Dates
2024 Camp Date

Session Duration Grade (Fall 2024) Dates
Session Aleph 4 Weeks 4th-10th June 5-30
Ta’am Aleph 5 Nights 2nd June 5-10
Garinim Aleph 11 Nights 3rd June 19-30
Session Bet 4 Weeks 4th-10th July 3-28
Nitzanim & Sollelim K'tzara* 18 Nights 4th & 5th July 3-21
Ta’am Bet 5 Nights 2nd July 3-8
Garinim Bet 11 Nights 3rd July 17-28
Ramah Bamah 2 Weeks 8th & 9th July 3-16
Full Summer (Aleph + Bet) 8 Weeks 6th-10th June 5-30 +
July 3-28
Gesher 8 Weeks 11th June 5-July 28
Tikvah Vocational Education Program 4 Weeks 12th+ June 5-30
Ramah Israel Seminar 6 Weeks 12th Learn More
Camp Yofi 5 Days July 31-Aug 4

Aidot (Age Divisions)
Aidot Hebrew Rising Grade Program Length
Ta'am טַעַם 2nd Grade 5-nights
Garinim גַרְעִינִים 3rd Grade 11-nights
Nitzanim Ktzara

נִצָנִים קְצָרָה 4th Grade 18-nights

נִיצַנִים 4th Grade 4-weeks

סוֹלְלִים 5th Grade 4-weeks
Halutzim חלוּצִים 6th Grade 4-weeks
Kochavim כּוֹכבִִים 7th Grade 4-weeks
Shoafim שׁוֹאפִים 8th Grade 4-weeks
Nachshonim נחְשׁוֹנִים 9th Grade 4-weeks
Nivonim נְבוֹנִים 10th Grade 4-weeks
Gesher גֶשֶׁר 11th Grade 8-weeks
Tikvah Vocational Education Program 12th+ 4-weeks

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