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The Jewish Value of Sports

At Camp Ramah Darom, the same cool coach who ties campers into the harness for rock climbing helps them strap on tefillin. Waterskiing lessons are preceded by morning prayers, often on the boat and Archery begins by coming together and reciting the “Archers Prayer.” Athletic sessions begin with an emphasis on gratitude over cut-throat competition […]

Avatar Robyn Diamond


Things We Could Only Hope For

My husband, Dan and I both spent our summers going to sleep away camp. Some of our best childhood memories were being outside, swimming in the lake, making new friends and being away from home. We knew that when we had kids we would want them to experience the joy of sleep away camp just […]

Avatar Toby Brodtman


We Couldn’t Be More Grateful

At Camp Yofi we felt so comfortable, so loved and supported, not judged, full of understanding and free to be who we truly are, not pretending or saying sorry all the time. Camp Yofi is really a special and unforgettable experience for the whole family and Eli, our son on the spectrum, had a blast!!! Eli couldn’t […]

Avatar Meital Benari


Across the Country and the World with Ramah

Reflections on My Winter Break Growing up at Camp, Ramah for me meant summertime. So, it was not only exciting but truly surprising when my winter break plans came together this year and consisted of three consecutive weeks – and three incredible Shabbatot with Ramah – in three different locations across the world. I started […]

Avatar Naama Erez


Tikvah Support Continues to Grow

In 2015, we opened the Henry and Annette Gibson Tikvah Support Program at Camp Ramah Darom, supporting seven campers and beginning a transformation of our community. Since then, we have introduced ideas of inclusion through countless conversations, activities and sometimes by sheer force of will. We have helped campers manage new challenges and friendships, while also learning […]

Avatar Audra Kaplan


Remarkable Ramah

My Ramah story is remarkable but quite typical. I’ve been a part of the Ramah community for ten consecutive summers, starting as a camper in Sollelim (entering 5th grade) through Gesher (11th grade), going to Israel with Ramah seminar, and returning as a staff member in Kayitz (Summer) ’19 and again for this upcoming summer. […]

Avatar Shiri Abramson


A New Bridge at Ramah Darom

Ramah Darom is a busy place! All year long we chip away at campus projects which maintain and preserve our mountain home. This year you will see many exciting enhancements, including new floors and drink stations in the dining hall, handicap access to Levine Center bathrooms and additional paved roads, making our campus even more […]

Avatar Eliana Leader


Camp Ramah Staff Train All Year Long

Last week, 11 of our Camp Ramah Darom tzevet (staff) were together at the National Ramah Winter Leadership Training Conference at Camp Ramah in California. It was an incredible four days of learning together. Five cohorts came together to develop leadership skills and share best practices with over 20 year-round Ramah professionals from across the movement. The […]

Avatar Robyn Diamond


When Parents Get to be Campers, Too

I love seeing people having fun. I’m writing this on the last day of Chanukah, sitting on a rocking chair on the porch of the Levine Center at Ramah Darom’s Winter Break Family Camp. It’s a beautiful 55 degrees in the mountains, and glorious sunshine is sparkling off the lake. For a Canadian, this doesn’t […]

Avatar Wally Levitt


2019 Impact by the Numbers

Thank you for another year of incredible impact at Ramah Darom! Help us continue the story of inclusion, accessibility and transformation with your donation to the Annual Fund.

Avatar Ramah Darom