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New Program Center is a GO!

Thanks to our Ramah Darom supporters, we have met our fundraising goal and the new Program Center is happening! The Program Center will be located next to the Amphitheater where our original Dining Hall (Beit Am Katan) currently stands. This multi-functional facility will provide much-needed indoor program space for our summer camp staff and the […]

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Meet the Kayitz 2022 Rashai Aidah

We are thrilled to introduce you to our incredible Rashai Aidah (Division Heads) for Kayitz (Summer) 2022 at Camp Ramah Darom. Ta’am/Garinim Hannah Gilman Hi, I’m Hannah. After graduating from the University of Florida in December 2021, I spent three months exploring Europe and getting ready to spend my tenth summer at Ramah Darom! I […]

Avatar Anna Serviansky


Introducing Our New Board Members

This past weekend, the Ramah Darom Board elected four new Directors, all of whom have a strong personal connection to Ramah Darom. We are excited to welcome these new members to our Board! New Board Members   Leron Finger is a pediatric intensive care physician. He currently works as the Associate Chief Medical Officer and […]

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Packing Dos, Don’ts & Duhs

I’ve been a Ramahnik, since 1987. Each summer, I’d take two airplanes and a 90-minute unairconditioned school bus ride to get to Camp Ramah in New England from Birmingham, Alabama. (Camp Ramah Darom didn’t exist back then). My mom had one packing mantra she shared with us, “If you can carry it, you can bring it.” While […]

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5 Packing Tips from Mom-Pros

This was originally posted May 31, 2019, but I thought it could be useful for all the first-time camper parents. In addition to all the info below, we also have an online store where you can purchase almost everything on your packing list and fill your camper’s duffle with Ramah Darom logowear. Check it out […]

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NBS: What to bring to Camp

Hey non-bunk staff, let’s talk about helpful things to bring to Camp that are NOT on the official NBS Staff Packing List. Please remember that our packing list is a guide. None of these items are mandatory, and you can certainly have a perfectly wonderful summer without them.  Storage. Bring cubes/Yaffa blocks/some type of storage. […]

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Get to Know Anthony Franklin

Mazal Tov, Anthony Franklin, on your new title as Ramah Darom’s Director of Campus Operations!   CRDAA Committee Member Bobby Jacobs recently sat down with our Uncle Anthony to get the download on what makes him one of Ramah Darom’s most beloved tzevetot of all time… Twenty-four years ago, I stepped out of a van and walked […]

Avatar Bobby Jacobs


Strangers in a Strange Land

Where Have You Come From? Where Are You Going? What does it look like to convert to Judaism? Of course, like any Jewish question, there are countless answers and opinions. As we approach Shavuot, the holiday of transitioning from an Israelite people to a Jewish community, and—most importantly, the last major Yom Tov before machzor Aleph […]

Avatar Emily Goldberg


Meeting Our Mishlachat

I just returned from Israel where I joined other Ramah camps to meet and train this summer’s Israeli staff members. During our time together, Ramah Darom’s 30 schilchim/ot learned about our Camp culture, daily schedule, aidot (age divisions), traditions and expectations. We engaged in deep conversation and shared stories, and they quickly began to turn into […]

Avatar Ayala Wasser


Pesach Traditions

Do you serve hard-boiled eggs or potatoes (or both) during karpas? Do the kids or the adults hide the afikomen? When making matza brei, are you a 2-eggs-to-1-piece-of-matza or a 1-egg-to-2-pieces-of-matza family? I love that every family has its own special Passover traditions. Growing up, my favorite tradition involved my maternal grandfather’s reading of the […]

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