Tikvah Vocational Education Program

Cafe Darom Voc Ed participants

Ramah Darom’s Tikvah Vocational Education Program is designed to provide 17-21 year-olds who require extra support the opportunity to learn vocational skills at Camp within Ramah Darom’s supportive, joyful Jewish community. Participants work in different areas around Camp, learning job skills, time management and teamwork, and enjoy traditional Camp activities, such as swimming, boating, art and sports.

Prior to Camp, our disability support team has conversations with the participants and their parents to learn about each person’s prior experience, interests and goals for the summer.

baby and adult smilingSarah, Sarasota, FL

“Working at Camp is a dream come true to me because it gives me more opportunities.  I’m learning how to make different coffees, working in the Welcome Center, helping set tables in the Chadar, and working on my healthy eating and exercising. Working this summer will make me do a lot more around the house and teach me how to work in the real world.”

Smiling and looking at paperwork

Participants in the Vocational Education Program learn job skills as they rotate through different placements around Camp in the dining hall, business office and hospitality roles. Participants also manage and run Café Darom, a coffee shop for Camp staff. During these rotations, vocational participants work on customer service skills, time management and teamwork. They also participate in sessions led by our Vocational Coordinator focusing on professionalism, money management and self-advocacy. In addition, participants receive guidance on peer relationships and healthy living.

Toby, West Palm Beach, FL

“For my daughter, participating in the Ramah Darom vocational program is the best of both worlds. She is able to participate in camp activities and be part of the incredible Ramah community while she is learning about being independent and different job skills. What she has learned at camp by being part of the vocational program is easily seen when she is at home or at local job sites during the year. It’s an amazing way to enjoy the summer while still preparing for her future.”

Ramah Darom camper who have received Tikvah Support, and new perspective Tikvah Vocational Education participants between the ages of 17 and 21 are welcome to apply. Participants must have the desire to work in Camp and have mastered specific independent living skills.

For additional information about Ramah Darom’s Tikvah Vocational Program please contact Sara Schonwetter, Tikvah Program Director at sschonwetter@ramahdarom.org or 470.381.4016.

Carly G., Jacksonville FL

“I like my job at Camp. This summer I learned about doing the coffee shop and setting tables. Working at Camp is important for me because I want to be in a regular job at home.”