Tikvah Support: Traditional Cabin

Camper and staff smiling for a picture.

At Ramah Darom, being inclusive is a way of life!

Through the Henry and Annette Gibson Tikvah Support Progam, Ramah Darom provides a continuum of care for campers with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, physical disability, ADHD, anxiety, sensory disorders and more. In addition to the campers, living in our uniquely designed Tikvah Support cabin space, which affords smaller cabin groupings and a more homey environment each summer, Ramah Darom supports campers in typical cabins. Tikvah-supported campers who have aged out of our camper program are welcome back to our newly created Tikvah Vocational Program and are we are working to ensure that our year-round Ramah Darom Retreats are as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

Support is available for all aspects of the Camp experience. We work with families to develop a summer success plan for their unique child including support in the following areas:

  • Social-Emotional
  • Organization
  • Sensory-Impulsivity
  • Self-Care
  • Transition
The Intake Process

The success of Ramah Darom’s Tikvah Support Program is due to the work we do prior to the summer. During the intake process, we get to know each applicant through meetings with the child and their parent(s), teacher(s), therapist(s), and other members of their support team. This process helps us determine whether we can meet the child’s needs and how we can best support them at Camp if determined to be a good fit.

For more information about Ramah Darom’s Tikvah Support Program as well as the application and interview process, please reach Sara Schonwetter, Tikvah Program Director.

For additional information about Ramah Darom’s Tikvah Support Program please contact Sara Schonwetter, Tikvah Program Director at sschonwetter@ramahdarom.org or 470.381.4016.