What does Ramah Darom mean to alumni?

Alumni Association11.17.23
Messages from our Camp Ramah Darom Alumni

Daphna Shul (Gesher 08)

“Ramah Darom is not only a place where Jews can be Jews, but also a celebration of the interconnected relationship Jews have to each other all of the world and the deep-seeded, spiritual ties to Israel that live within us innately.”

Natan Gorod (Gesher 11)

“Ramah helped me form a connection with Israel from a young age. Being able to engage with members of the Mishlachat and listening to their stories about the day to day lives of Israelis helped me learn about Israeli society, and spending a summer in Israel on Ramah Seminar, where we traveled all around the country and learned about Israeli history and culture, allowed me to see and experience Israel first-hand. These experiences with Ramah, both at Darom and on Seminar, helped nurture my Zionism and love for Israel, and I am proud to carry that on in the work I do today with AJC.”

Rebecca Papilsky (Gesher 13)

“As someone who did not grow up going to Jewish day school, almost everything I learned about Judaism and Israel came from what I learned at Camp. Camp completely fostered my love and deep connection with Israel – my first time visiting Israel was with camp, many of my best friends from Camp have made Israel their home, and I am still close with my mishlachat from over the years.”

Michael Sherman (Gesher 17)

“The relationships that I’ve built with shlichim throughout my summers at Ramah have had a profound impact on me. I’ve been able to learn, share experiences, and befriend many shlichim, which has enabled me to develop a deep love and connection to Israel.”