What About Electronics at Camp

Camp is a screen-free experience!

Any device with a screen that can connect to the internet (including phones, iPads, computers, etc.) and are brought to Camp will be collected and held in a safe space in our Camp office for the duration of the session. Campers will receive their screens back at the end of the session, as they arrive at the airport, depart the bus or are picked up by family members.

If your child has a phone with them for travel purposes, make sure they understand that it must be turned in for storage upon arrival.

Suggestions to help your child(ren) adapt to this screen-free environment:

  • Talk to them about the benefits of “unplugging”
  • Provide them with address labels of friends and family along with postage
  • Send books, puzzles and other quiet activities that can be done during rest time at Camp

Music & Audio Books

Campers are permitted to bring an electronic reading device or an original iPod, iPod shuffle or Nano or other screen-less MP3 player to enjoy their personal music at Camp.

Camp Ramah Darom bears no responsibility for lost or damaged personal electronics.

Please review the music that your child wishes to bring to Camp to be certain it is appropriate for the Ramah Darom setting. Do NOT send your child to Camp with music that advocates drug use or violence, that is sexually explicit, degrading or that includes swearing, cursing or other inappropriate lyrics. 

Your assistance in this matter will help create a comfortable and positive environment for all of our campers and for our entire community and communicate the value of Kedushat Halashon (the sanctity of language) that Camp holds so dear.

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