Luggage Requirements

Each camper is allowed two soft trunks or duffel bags, each not to exceed a total of 60 inches (L + W + H) and a weight of 50 lbs per bag, and a small backpack/carry-on.

Our goal is to have most campers’ luggage delivered to their cabins before arrival so they can immediately begin settling in when they arrive. This will also allow our counselors to focus entirely on welcoming your kids to Camp!

Here are more specific details for your area:

  • Atlanta and surrounding suburbs: Atlanta-based families are required to drop off their luggage on Sunday, June 4 (Session Aleph) or Sunday, July 2 (Session Bet) between 1:00–2:00pm at Congregation B’nai Torah in Sandy Springs. At the end of each session, campers’ luggage will be loaded onto the coach buses back to Atlanta. Please note that Garinim campers do not need to use this service.
  • Florida: We are excited to continue our partnership with Camp Trucking – a convenient and efficient way to ship your camper’s luggage directly from your home to Ramah Darom! Please read their letter for more information and register here. This service is required for all campers flying from Florida (only one-way required for Nitzanim K’tzara, strongly recommended for Ta’am and Garinim) and is strongly recommended for those who are driving or taking the bus. Families with multiple campers qualify for a $25 sibling discount on second (and third and fourth) camper luggage shipping. Please text or call Camp Trucking at 970-500-8049 to receive your unique discount code to use when registering.
  • Other locations: While we welcome shipping your luggage in advance (discounted rates available through ShipCamps), campers may bring their luggage with them on arrival day. If you plan to ship baggage, please schedule the delivery to 70 Darom Lane, Clayton, GA 30525, for at least three days prior to the beginning of the session. Mark bags clearly by labeling them with the camper’s name and division and obtain return shipping labels. Please send copies of the labels to travel@ramahdarom.org so that we can attach the shipping tags at the end of the session. Families are responsible for the cost of shipping in both directions.


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