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COVID-19 Protocols & Brit

NOTE: When you receive your child’s negative PCR results, please put them in a safe and easy-to-access place. We recommend printing a hard copy and uploading or storing a digital copy to your phone’s photos or saved emails.




Forms, Check Lists and More



ALL ABOUT ME (download, have your camper complete and upload to your family dashboard)




Health Protocols

Health Protocols:

In addition to COVID protocols, we want to share other health protocols necessary to keep our kehillah (community) safe and healthy.

No child can come to Camp until they are fever-free (without Tylenol or Ibuprofen) and healthy for at least 48 hours.

If your child has had a rash, a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, has vomited, has had diarrhea in the last 48 hours or has tested positive for the Flu in the last 7 days, please notify Camp immediately as your child’s illness may represent a communicable ailment.

If your child has a contagious illness, your child MUST REMAIN AT HOME until his or her physician and the Ramah Medical Professionals, together, determine that your child no longer poses a risk of spreading an illness to others.

All campers will have a head lice check during Camp check-in by Lice Ladies Atlanta. If your child has head lice at Camp check-in, per Ramah Darom’s policy, they will be treated by Lice Ladies Atlanta and the applicable fees charged to your Ramah Darom account. This charge will cover the treatment on the day of detection and retreatments throughout the remaining days of the session as needed (with no additional costs).

If we detect head lice during the session, we will contact the parents. All campers in the child’s cabin will be checked, reminded not to share belongings and treated as needed. Camp will cover the treatment costs for head lice that is detected during the session.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Heather Somer, Head Nurse, at medical@ramahdarom.org.

Arrival Day Logistics

Please check your Travel Information on your family dashboard to make sure everything is correct for each camper. Need more information on how to get to Camp? Scroll down and read Travel.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited space and COVID protocols, we do not have space for siblings or additional family members. Therefore, only one parent/chaperone should accompany camper(s) through the arrival day check-in process. Please plan accordingly and review the important information below. 

Before Arrival Day:  

NOTE: When you receive your child’s negative PCR results, please put them in a safe and easy-to-access place. We recommend printing a hard copy and uploading or storing a digital copy to your phone’s photos or saved emails.

  • Put your camper’s Summer 2021 t-shirt (that you received in the mail) in a safe place and ready to wear on arrival day. 
  • 3 days before, get a Molecular (PCR) COVID test for each camper. REQUIRED! 
  • 1-2 day before:  
  • Tag your bags. Ensure every bag has a Ramah Darom color luggage tag (the ones we sent you in the mail) and all items are packed within two duffel bags or large suitcases and one backpack. 
  • Print out a copy of your camper’s negative Molecular (PCR) COVID test, and bring it to Camp check-in. Campers will not be allowed to enter Camp or board the bus without this. 
  • Sign the COVID Testing Consent Waiver included in this packet and bring a copy with you. 
  • For those pre-approved to check-in at Camp, print and bring these directions with you to Camp. (DANGER!!! DO NOT follow GPS shortcuts!)
  • Put the following in your child’s backpack/carry-on:
    • Medication and travel money (to be collected at check-in.)
    • 2-3 days of clothing and toiletries, just in case.
    • A printed copy of the negative Molecular (PCR) COVID test (from the last 3 days). *If you do not have proof, you will be directed to the closest PCR testing facility and will NOT be allowed to enter Camp or board the bus until we receive proof of negative test results.*
    • A signed COVID Testing Consent Waiver for each camper. 
    • A reusable water bottle


On Arrival Day (Wednesday, July 14, 2021) 

  • Make sure your camper wears their summer 2021 Camp t-shirt. 
  • All parents/chaperones and campers should stay together until the check-in process is complete and plan to wear a mask throughout. 
  • All campers will have a lice check on arrival day.
  • All campers will take a rapid COVID test on arrival day. Anyone with a positive test result will NOT be allowed to enter Camp or board the bus.  
    • If there is a COVID positive result: Campers with positive rapid test results must take a confirmatory Molecular (PCR)test at a testing center in Atlanta and stay with their parent/chaperone until a negative test result is received. Parents/chaperones will be responsible for coordinating accommodations during the waiting period and travel to Camp once a negative result is confirmed. 
    • If the confirmatory Molecular (PCR) results are positive, campers must quarantine with a parent/chaperone (outside of Camp) and will be allowed to enter Camp after a ten day period. 


Traveling by Plane?

Driving to the Atlanta Airport?

Driving Directly to Camp? (Only for select communities and those with pre-approval.)

If you have any questions or are unexpectedly delayed, please contact Rebecca “Becca” Guttman at 470-231-0792  


Campers will NOT need cash for any reason while they are at Camp. All travel money and cell phones will be collected during check-in and stored in the Camp Office until departure day. Ramah Darom cannot be responsible for cash or other valuables kept in the cabin.


Ramah Darom is a kosher campus. Only packaged foods bearing a kosher certification symbol are allowed. For the safety of members of our community with allergies, we do not allow any products containing nuts (peanuts or tree nuts). Any food brought into Camp will be collected, stored in a plastic bin and shared with your camper’s cabin.

Departure Day

All times listed in ET.

Taste of Ramah Bet Departure from Camp (Sunday, July 25) we offer two methods of departure for Taste Bet campers:

  1. Pick-up directly at Camp Ramah Darom in Clayton – parents/guardians that choose this option are asked to arrive at Camp Ramah Darom at 10:00am ET and drive to the main entrance. Campers will be brought to your car with a packed lunch and their luggage. Staff will help load their bags in your vehicle and direct you to exit Camp. Please be sure to wear a mask and remain in your car for the entire pick-up procedure. 
  2. Pick up at the Atlanta Airport – for campers flying home with a parent/guardian or the Atlanta Airport is a more convenient location for pick-up, we offer a bus from Camp Ramah Darom in Clayton to the Atlanta Airport. The bus will depart from Camp at 11:00 am ET and arrive at the Airport between 1:30–2:00 pm ET. Campers will have their luggage and packed lunches aboard.


Session Bet & Gesher Departure from Camp (Sunday, August 8)

  • Campers being picked up at our Clayton, GA campus should be picked up between 10:00-11:00am 
  • Campers taking the bus to the Atlanta Airport and who are being picked up at the Atlanta Airport will arrive at the lower level of Domestic Departures on the North side of the terminal between 10:00-12:00pm ET.
  • Campers taking the bus to the Atlanta airport and continuing onto a flight home will arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to their scheduled flight departure. Please be ready to meet them at the lower level of Domestic Departures on the North side of the terminal, 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure. 
  • Campers taking the bus to B’Nai Torah will arrive there between 10:45-11:15am 


Please make sure flights are booked or rides are planned accordingly.  

Travel Information

Like most everything else these days, travel to and from Camp will be different – and admittedly, slightly more complicated – this summer.

Below you will find links to detailed travel information that has been posted. Please click on the appropriate link for your campers. We are asking you to confirm your travel plans on your family dashboard by April 5th. If you already know your travel plans, scroll up and read Arrival Day Logistics.

Flying? Click here.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT THIS YEAR (due to COVID safety protocols)

  • Ramah Darom staff will not be able to enter the airport in Atlanta, and therefore, not able to meet campers at their gate on opening day OR take campers through security on the way home. We will be relying entirely on parent/guardian volunteers.
  • On opening day of each session, all Atlanta buses will leave from a single location near the Atlanta airport. We will not be offering a Perimeter bus option on opening day this year.
    • All campers arriving by plane, and all local campers, will have a COVID rapid test and lice check before getting on the bus at our airport location.
    • Buses will be primarily organized by Aidah; essentially each kapsula (pod) will begin as soon as the campers board the bus.
  • Drop-offs and pick-ups at Camp will be extremely limited, and parents will not be able to enter the campus
    • As a result, this year we are requiring all Atlanta-based campers (including those from the northern suburbs) to take the bus to/from Camp
  • For communities outside Atlanta but within driving distance of Camp, on opening day we will need to rely on parent carpools. We will only be able to offer chartered buses on closing day.

Please click the appropriate link for detailed information and next steps:

  • Campers flying to the Atlanta airport, click here
  • Campers from Atlanta and surrounding areas, click here
  • Campers who live within driving distance of Ramah Darom but not in the Atlanta area, click here 
  • Campers who typically fly to Atlanta, but this year are considering driving instead, click here

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Becca at travel@ramahdarom.org

Shopping & Packing



Pack for Camp with a click! Along with our Logowear Store, packforcamp.com sells most of the items on our Camp Packing List. This packing list service takes the hassle out of shopping for Camp. Visit our Pack for Camp Store and fill your duffle bags all in one place. There is even a smart packing list whereby you can purchase everything on your list with just one click. All items will be delivered to your home and shipping is free for orders over $99. 

Bunk Assignments & Luggage Tags

Bunk Assignments

You will receive your luggage tags and bunk assignments in the mail about 10 days before your Camp session starts. Once available, your camper’s bunk will also be listed on your family dashboard.

We work very hard to create balanced bunk communities and honor bunk requests. While we do not send out bunk lists prior to Camp, you will receive a directory at the end of the summer.  

Luggage & Tags

About 10 days before the start of your session, you will receive 3 tags per camper in the mail, one for a small bag or carry-on and two for duffel bags or checked luggage*. All bags must be tagged and all items brought to Camp must be packed within two duffel bags or large suitcases and one backpack. If you have more than one child attending Camp, please be sure to use the correct tags for each camper! And remove any old Camp Ramah Darom luggage tags before attaching the new ones*Gesher 20 campers will only have 2 tags and should pack accordingly (as sheets, blankets and pillow will be provided.) 

Tag Color  Bunk #
Yellow  1, 2, 1A, 2A, 3, 4, 5, 6
Green  7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 33, 34
Blue  13, 14, 15, 16
Red  17, 18, 19, 20
Orange  21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
Grey  29, 30, 31, 32
Photos, Emails, Videos & Communication


You’ve just said so long to your kiddo(s), and you are excited to see pictures. We get it! But remember, this is the perfect time for you to disconnect too and know that your camper is in great hands.

Photos will be uploaded into BUNK1* every Tuesday and Friday by 10:00am ET. Photo galleries will be divided by aidah (age division), by week and by special programs. We will share a combination of posed and candid photos at a diversity of Camp locations and activities.

Veteran Parents: We will NOT be using SmugMug this summer. All Summer 2021 photos will be posted on BUNK1.


BUNK1 is our new app for photo galleries, updates and Bunk Notes*. We’ve already set up an account for you, so add your email and password (you use to log in to your family dashboard) under “returning users”. DO NOT click “Sign Up”. NO CODE IS REQUIRED to log in to BUNK1! You can also log in to BUNK 1 through your family dashboard. To do so, log in, click “View All Registrations”, then scroll down and click “Photos & Bunk Note”. Clicking on either will bring you to BUNK1. For best access to Camp photos and updates, we recommend that you download the BUNK 1 app to your smartphone. 

Bunk Notes (Emails)

Log in to BUNK1 to purchase Bunk Notes to email your camper during the summer. Bunk Notes are distributed to campers once every day during regular mail call times. You may add on a reply page which will be given to your child to handwrite a response. Once a camper turns in their reply page, our office staff will scan it in and you will see the reply in BUNK1. Please note: Emails at Camp are NOT like the outside world and can take many days to see a reply. The turnaround time depends on the speed at which the camper writes the note and hands it back in. To pre-purchase, print and send reply notes with your child to Camp, click on the Bunk Reply tab in BUNK1.

If you have problems logging in or have questions about BUNK 1 you can email support@bunk1.com or  communications@ramahdarom.org.

Friday Update/Drishat Shalom

During the summer, Drishat Shalom Summer Edition is emailed every Friday before Shabbat. This weekly news update summarizes the week and touches upon the intangible aspects of the Ramah Experience – the magical parts of Camp that photos cannot capture.


We will share videos with you periodically throughout the summer, giving a glimpse of the activity, excitement and programmatic highlights. Veteran parents: We will NOT be streaming Havdallah live this summer. Everyone is invited to join us for our 25th Summer Celebration, July 25 at 12 noon ET. View the invitation and RSVP TODAY!


Campers love to receive letters from home. We recommend sending letters one week before the start of Camp, to ensure your camper has mail waiting for them when they arrive. Note: Mail is NOT distributed on Wednesdays or Shabbat. Remember, as per the Flat Package Policy in the Parent-Camper Handbook; we only allow flat packages. However, we will accept merchandise shipped directly for packforcamp.com/ramah-darom and books shipped directly from amazon.com. Sign up for amazon smile (and choose Ramah Darom) and Ramah Darom will receive a percentage of every purchase.

Address mail as follows:

Camper Name
Bunk Number
Camp Ramah Darom
70 Darom Lane
Clayton, GA 30525

Yoetzim (Parent Liaisons) & Unit Heads

Yoetzim (Parent Liaisons)

Each aidah (age division) is assigned a Yoetz/et at Camp. The Yoetz/et supports counselors and campers and functions as a Parent Liaison who will be available to answer questions or inquiries about your child’s Camp experience. The Yoetzim will also be an integral part of arrival day to support what could be an overwhelming or anxious transition for some. We will email you more information about the Yoetzim and how to contact them before the session begins.

The Yoetz/et is the person you will contact with any question or concern you might have while your child is at Camp. You may call and leave a message for your child’s Yoetz/et. Voice messages left for your child’s Yoetz/et will be returned within 24 hours. Messages left after 12:00pm on Friday or Shabbat will be returned on Sunday morning. Please note: Yoetz/et phones are landlines and text messages will not be received.

In case of emergency, call: 706.782.9300

Aidah Grade Yoetzet Phone Number
Garinim 3rd Susan Tecktiel 470.481.4250
Nitzanim 4th Debbie Sasson 706.432.1180
Sollelim 5th Shira Schwartz 706.447.9521
Halutzim 6th Barri Litt 706.432.1885
Kochavim 7th Susan Tecktiel 470.481.4250
Shoafim 8th Debbie Sasson 706.432.1180
Nachshonim 9th Shira Schwartz 706.447 9521
Nivonim 10th Barri Litt 706.432.1885
Gesher 11th Elana Yeffet 404.503.2131

The Yoetz Porch: Helping Your Child Prepare for Camp


Family Dashboard