The Edge

Robyn Diamond8.13.18

We’ve got ruach, we’ve got music, dance, theater and art; we’ve got adventure and media, we’ve got Judaics and Evrit; we’ve got sports and fitness, and now we’ve got an Edge (well actually two).

Athletic Edge Lacrosse and Rowing Tracks Opening at Camp Ramah Darom Summer 2019!

Ramah Darom has been awarded a $100,000 matching grant from the Gottesman Family Foundation and The Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) to create new specialty tracks at Camp Ramah Darom. The programs, which will be offered in the summer of 2019, will fill a gap in the Jewish camping world, providing the first ever 4-week, Jewish residential camps dedicated to lacrosse and rowing in the country.

Ramah Darom was one of two camps across the U.S. to receive grant funding under a new program called “Competitive Edge.” The “Competitive Edge” program is designed to help Jewish overnight camps develop specialty programs within the framework of a traditional resident camp.

“We see this grant as an opportunity to create a sacred space for athletes to pursue their passion and still fully participate in a Jewish residential camp experience. Participants will hone their athletic skills, strengthen their minds and bodies, and build character,” says Geoff Menkowitz, Director of Camp Ramah Darom. “There is no other camp in the country that offers athletes a specific focus like this while being immersed in a vibrant community rooted in Jewish culture and tradition.”

The grant, which requires a 1-to-1 match by Ramah Darom, will fund two new, specialty camps within Camp Ramah Darom under the name “Athletic Edge” – one dedicated to lacrosse and one to rowing. Both will be four-week residential camps that combine specialty sports activities with communal and Jewish life experiences.

The mission of Athletic Edge 

To allow campers to pursue their sports passion in a 4-week Jewish residential camp setting where they have access to top-notch coaches, hone their skills, get an edge on the athletic competition, and experience all the magic of Ramah Darom.

Registration will open in October. Check back here for more information.