Passover at Ramah Darom: Hundreds of Programs, So Little Time!

Ramah Darom4.17.14
Maybe you’re at home wondering if you’ll really be able to get your kids to eat matzah pizza for the fifth meal in a row…

Or maybe you are at your brother-in-law’s house, thinking how nice it is to be with your family, but that this year may be the year your growing family finally outgrew your brother-in-law’s house…

Or maybe you are glad you were able to be with your family for seder, but wondering what you and your mishpachah will do with the rest of the holiday.

No matter what your situation is, we hope you will consider joining us for Passover at Ramah Darom next year! With hundreds of programs, activities and lectures to choose from throughout the holiday and gourmet kosher-for-Passover meals prepared just for you, you’ll be glad you did!

Here is a peek into our 5774 Passover at Ramah Darom program book. Registration for next year will be posted soon, so be sure to check back often and grab your spot, as they fill up very, very quickly, or email us and let us know you’re interested. We would love for you to be the newest addition to our Passover family.