A New Bridge at Ramah Darom

Eliana Leader1.24.20
Ramah Darom is a busy place! All year long we chip away at campus projects which maintain and preserve our mountain home. This year you will see many exciting enhancements, including new floors and drink stations in the dining hall, handicap access to Levine Center bathrooms and additional paved roads, making our campus even more accessible to everyone.

There is one recent addition that I want to highlight that exemplifies how everyone who visits Ramah Darom, feels inspired to leave their mark on our campus.

What is it?

A new walking bridge at the base of our waterfall, built by Camp Build Your Life Resume (CBYLR). CBYLR is a three-day gathering which brings in experts in business, wellness, and mindset to share their best practices and help individuals live their best lives –including Run DMC, who performed on stage in the Beit Am (Amphitheater)!


Build Your Life Resume is one of our many groups who privately rent our space to create transformative experiences. A highlight of the CBYLR weekend is an endurance challenge that pushes participants past the belief of their own limits. In preparing this course, the staff of CBYLR generously merged their inspiration from our campus and their goals of limitless living, by building a permanent crossing path at the waterfall. This new bridge will allow more people of varying physical abilities, the chance to connect to the beautiful nature surrounding us at Ramah Darom. We are grateful to CYBLR for this gift and appreciate the opportunity it provides to exemplify both a literal and metaphorical bridge that Ramah Darom can be to everyone who steps foot in this sacred space.