Breaking Matzah Together at Ramah Darom’s Passover Retreat

Emily Kaiman3.29.17
Passover, the holiday where we celebrate moving from slavery to freedom is just around the corner. Many people have already begun the grueling process of cleaning every nook and cranny of their homes, trying to locate Every. Last. Crumb (a seemingly impossible task, especially for anyone with kids at home!).

But for the 400+ people coming together at Ramah Darom for our Passover Retreat, there’s no need to commit to such strenuous labor. Instead, on April 9th, they will travel to the freedom of a Passover Retreat in the beautiful mountains of Clayton, Georgia.

Our program this year will be filled with deep and inspirational learning led by world renown scholars including Rabbi Joel Roth, Reb Mimi Feigelson, Rabbi Shai Held, Rabbi Aaron Alexander, Maharat Rori Picker Neiss, Rabbi Scott Perlo, and more. Our first Seder will bring together drama, comedy, and music as the Pella Singers lead us through an interactive hand-on Seder experience. Professional musician Sammy Rosenbaum, and touring artist Joe Buchanan will be hanging out on the porch, jamming, and performing live on our amphitheater stage. And the food—expertly crafted by our executive Chef Todd Jones and guest team from The Painted Plate, has a superb menu that rivals any 5-star resort.

The Passover Retreat has all of the amenities of a ‘cruise on land’ from delicious meals, to spa services, excursions, art and music, yoga, etc., but the experience is so much more. Each session is created not just for entertainment, but to ignite our souls, to connect us to one another, and to truly experience the holiday with all our senses. Ramah Darom is not just another resort. Here at Ramah we have a vision that Jewish living and Jewish learning happen best when we immerse ourselves, when we can touch, feel, taste, and explore our Judaism. Journeying from slavery to freedom can be a lived experience at the Seder, beyond just reading the words from the Haggadah. Ramah Darom’s Passover Retreat offers the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate in tandem with an engaging and inspiring holiday. We look forward to experiencing the Passover story together with our guests, and if you couldn’t make it this year, we hope you can join us in 2018.  Wishing you a Chag Sameach!