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Our Board of Directors and Board Committees bring together committed community members, camper parents, retreat participants, alumni and other supporters of Ramah Darom from across the United States who donate their time in support of our North Star. The Board of Directors and Board Committees guide and support the efforts of our organization’s professional staff.

The Ramah Darom Board of Directors includes up to 25 members who are elected at our Annual Meeting each spring. The Board has responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the organization, ensuring we are delivering on our North Star. Each year, the Governance Committee nominates potential new Board members who bring expertise in areas of key importance to our organization. Directors may serve for two consecutive three-year terms. Executive Committee members may serve for an additional three two-year terms. Our Board of Directors meets several times each year.

Ramah Darom Board Committees include community members with specific areas of expertise, or with interest in key Ramah Darom programs. Each Committee is chaired by a member of our Board of Directors, and Committee members are appointed by our Board President based on recommendations from Committee Chairs and our professional staff. Committee members can be appointed at any time during the year and serve terms ranging from one to several years. Serving on a Committee is often a stepping stone to being nominated to serve on the Board of Directors. Current Ramah Darom Committees include:

  • Budget & Finance
  • Camp
  • Development
  • Facilities
  • Governance
  • Medical
  • Retreats
  • Scholarship
  • Security

The Ramah Darom Foundation Board of Directors consists of up to 15 members who are elected annually by the Ramah Darom Board and by current members of the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board has responsibility for managing the organization’s endowments. Directors may serve for terms of two, three or four years.

Get Involved

If you are interested in joining a Ramah Darom Committee or our Board of Directors, please complete the information below and a member of our Governance Committee will be back in touch.

(Note that it may take a couple of weeks to get back to you, as all our Committee members are volunteers.)