Yoetzim are Camp Ramah Darom senior advisors and parent liaisons.

Each aidah (age group) has a Yoetz/et at Camp. As part of the summer Community Care Team, Yoetzim support counselors and campers and will be available to answer questions or inquiries about your child’s Camp experience. They will also be an integral part of arrival day to offer support and answer questions. We will email you more information about your camper’s Yoetz/et and how to contact them before the session begins.

If you have concerns about your camper, please reach out to their Yoetz/et, which will be listed below by aidah before the start of each session. Messages left for your child’s Yoetz/et will be returned within 24 hours. Messages left on Friday or on Shabbat will be returned Sunday.

Please note: Yoetzim are off on Wednesdays.

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