Ramah Darom Mezuzah Project: “Receiving Light”

Myriam Angel5.26.17
We are honored to have renowned and award winning artist, Aimee Golant, a sixth generation metalsmith, design an exclusive Mezuzah for Ramah Darom. Aimee has created a unique Mezuzah, entitled, “Receiving Light,” especially for our Ramah Darom home. This Mezuzah depicts a sunrise/sunset over rolling hills and also resembles a child bundled up. The sun’s center is pierced out to reveal the mezuzah scroll inside the case. These Mezuzot will be installed on the doorposts of various buildings at Ramah Darom and a plaque with donor names will be created.

Right now, you can show your love and commitment to your Jewish home away from home at Ramah Darom by contributing to our 2020 VISION Mezuzah Campaign. Each one of a kind Mezuzah can be donated for a tax-deductible contribution of only $1,800. We hope by contributing a “receiving light” Mezuzah, together we will illuminate universal Jewish teachings throughout our Ramah Darom home and all Jewish homes near and far.

Visit VISION2020 to learn more about all the ways you can leave your mark on the future or simply fill out this form.