Parent/Guardian Logistics

Family Emergencies

Family Emergencies During Camp

If there is a family emergency, please inform the Camp office by calling 706.782.9300.

Please communicate to whoever answers that you are calling regarding an emergency so your call can be directed properly.

Decisions regarding how to handle the specific situation will be made in partnership with our Camp Director, Camper Care Team and the parent(s)/guardian(s). Only after Camp is notified are arrangements made for parents and children to talk. This approach prepares Camp to support your children through the difficult situation.

Change of Address

Change of Address

It is important that parents notify the Camp office of any change in their permanent or summer address, telephone number or email addresses by updating your profile on your family dashboard. You may also contact Andrea Cohen to update your contact information.

Parent/Guardian Vacations

Parent/Guardian Summer Vacations

If you will be away from home when your child is at Camp, or if your summer address is different from your address during the rest of the year, please email this information to Andrea Cohen so we can make sure the MARP and Camp Director know how to reach you should the need arise.

If you are traveling out of the country while your camper is at Camp, we ask that you designate someone local who can be available to meet or pick up your camper in the event of a medical or another emergency. Please be sure to share their name and contact information with Andrea Cohen.

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