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Geoff Menkowitz6.26.20

Drishat Shalom Summer Edition


On one of our Kayitz BaBayit sessions with Kochavim (7th grade) this past week, I overheard someone say, “I have a bad connection!” It is a common phrase that was familiar to us even before we all adopted Zoom-lifestyles. But I couldn’t help noting how this ordinary utterance, acknowledging poor internet quality, was made when genuine “connection” could not be more apparent.

Through the Kayitz BaBayit initiative, we have been witnessing beautiful connections between reunited bunkmates, connections between new campers and their Gesher CITs, and connections between long-time campers and their beloved counselors.

Over the past two weeks, our Tzevet (Staff) volunteers have experimented with different interactive experiences to engage our campers. Halutzim (6th) played a creative game of “Camp Clue,” and Shoafim (8th) didn’t let being on screens prevent them from doing sports together. Some groups have been approximating the familiar milestones of their particular Aidah: Nivonim (10th) is still breaking up into “majors” for activities resembling “Nivo U.” and Nitzanim (4th) managed to simulate their annual fishing trip to Andy’s Trout Farm.

Even among our youngest campers, some of whom have never been to Camp before, the connection is palpable and Camp traditions are coming alive. This week, Garinim (3rd) was “initiated” into their Camp journey and campers signed their names to a digital banner. Their group-name, Garinim, means “Seeds.” Even during this unconventional summer, we embrace our mission to plant the seeds of the Jewish future by helping these children develop a sense of rootedness in the community which will nurture them for years to come. Seeing the smiles on the faces of these first-time campers as they finished up their experience as “Ramah Rookies” fills me with hope for the future of our Camp community and the future of our world these young people will lead and shape.

With great excitement, we will welcome another new Garinim group on Monday along with the rest of our Session Bet campers to the second half of Kayitz BaBayit.

We invite you all to join our Camp-wide Kabbalat Shabbat, Fridays at 6pm EDT and Havdallah/Rikud, Saturdays at 9:45pm EDT on Facebook Live.

And from the vault, here is a favorite old video that appropriately explores how powerful our connections are because of Camp. Enjoy!!


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