Campaign to Inspire Ramah Darom’s Future

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Campaign to Inspire Ramah Darom's Future

In total, The Campaign to Inspire Ramah Darom’s Future is looking to raise a minimum of $1 million. These funds will help ensure that Ramah Darom can continue its important work for the next 25 years and beyond. Help us Trigger the Match

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Several generous donors have agreed to provide Ramah Darom with last-in matching grants. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: A few generous donors have offered to provide “last-in” matching grants to help Ramah Darom reach our $1 million fundraising target. For every dollar we are able to raise from Ramah Darom families, an equivalent matching grant will be automatically triggered. In other words, every dollar you donate will instantly become $2!

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With your support, we can all inspire Ramah Darom’s strong and successful future. Donate Today!