Announcing the Menkowitz Trail

Sharon Rosenfeld9.30.20
Over his 13 years as Director of Camp Ramah Darom, Geoffrey Menkowitz has inspired us to enjoy the beauty that envelops our campus, be physically active and never stop embracing joyful Judaism. As Geoff concludes his time as Director of Camp Ramah Darom, we wanted to announce the creation of the Menkowitz Trail at Ramah Darom!

Finding the most appropriate way to honor Geoff’s legacy has been important to us. The Menkowitz Trail will create new paths and new memories for generations of campers, staff and retreat participants.

The future home of the Menkowitz Trail plaque in honor of Geoffrey and Elana MenkowitzPlease join us in thanking Geoff and honoring his legacy with your donation to help make the Menkowitz Trail a reality.


May we continue our journey together for many generations to come. Enjoy the video below.

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