Welcoming Session Bet Campers “Home”!

Geoff Menkowitz7.20.17
It is quite paradoxical that, when brand new campers arrive at Ramah Darom, we welcome them “home.” Paradoxical yet profound. It speaks not only to how warm and welcoming our community is but it introduces them to an aspiration and the trajectory onto which each camper begins once they arrive here. This place is more than a summer camp with outstanding sports, arts, and aquatics programs. Ramah Darom is also more than an innovative educational enterprise that strengthens Jewish identity and fosters an appreciation for the richness and relevance of our heritage. Our Camp offers kids a sense of belonging and transmits a feeling that they are part of something which is much larger than themselves. Even more, Camp feels like home because it is a place where kids receive unconditional love from their friends and counselors; it is a haven where kids are free to be their uninhibited selves.

We were thrilled to welcome home so many new and returning campers to our second session.

If you haven’t caught it on Facebook yet, take a look at our Session Aleph recap video “These Are The Moments” and stay tuned for more great video to come.