The Thrill & Magic of Ramah Darom!

Geoff Menkowitz7.24.17

There are thrills around every corner, but it is the rhythm of everyday life here at Camp Ramah Darom that make the experience truly magical.

Here at Camp Ramah Darom, kids are living an organic Jewish life where mitzvot are in the air we breathe. When the sun comes up, kids perform the mitzvah of caring for animals by feeding and milking our goats. Our campers engage in fitness and exercise framed in a context of the Jewish responsibility of shmirat haguf. They fulfill the mitzvah of visiting the sick when they check on their friends in the MARP (Infirmary) and they are excited to welcome guests who come for Shabbat. In addition to these ethical and interpersonal mitzvot, there are numerous opportunities to sanctify moments through ritual mitzvot. None, however, is as powerful or as eagerly anticipated as welcoming Shabbat together like we do.

Camp seemed a bit different this Shabbat since our Ramah Darom family was not together: Gesher (11th grade) visited Camp Ramah in the Poconos, our sister camp in Pennsylvania, as part of their 10-Day Road Trip. The group has been traveling up the east coast visiting colleges and universities and talking about college choice as a Jewish choice; they had workshops with AIPAC and the ADL in Washington, DC and even met with Ramah Darom parent, Congressman Ted Deutch. Along the way, they are also taking in attractions like museums, amusement parks, and professional sporting events. You can follow their trip on Instagram: shevaesrei10day.

Check out this weeks video to get a true taste of the thrills and magic at Ramah Darom.