The Double Decker Guest: An Untold Story

Andrea Slomka4.13.21

Once upon an early June 2000, there was a shiny new double-decker cabin up a hill from a glistening lake. Ambling through the woods, Goldi-Bearg found it to be a cozy place to beat the summer heat. He tugged on the screen door, and it tore right off into his claws. In his excitement to explore, he trampled the door and scampered into the bunk. Something inside smelled delish! Following his nose, Goldi-Bearg discovered a tasty snack, left behind by a generous construction worker. That little nosh whet his appetite for more treats! After rearranging the cabin’s simple furnishings, Goldi-Bearg curled up and enjoyed afternoon “sha-at menucha” (rest time) before returning to his den deep in the forest. A few days later, a busload of joyful children moved into the double-decker cabin, respectfully leaving all their snacks at home. Goldi-Bearg gazed from afar as the smiling campers sang and danced, splashed and created. Hearing their laughter, Goldi-Bearg knew that the children were truly at-home. The chanichim (campers) never* learned that they were not the first residents of their beautiful new tzrif (bunk). And they all lived happily (and safely) ever after…

Did you live in the new lakeside double-decker during Kayitz 2000? *Now you know!