Spotlight on our Secret Weapon: Our Board of Directors

Robyn Diamond7.25.17

Behind every successful nonprofit organization, you’ll usually find a strong army of volunteers that makes their work possible. At Ramah Darom, we call our army our Board of Directors. They are the spirit and strength behind our success and give their time and energy to help further our mission. Our team knows that we owe our continued success to these incredible volunteer leaders who are helping us build a strong and vibrant Jewish future.

Our board of directors are all volunteers, attend monthly meetings, and are highly involved in our organization. They help us acquire necessary financial support and assist us in making valuable connections within the Jewish community in our region. Above all, our board of directors provides valuable leadership and guidance, helping to make policies and ensure our organization is operationally and financially healthy.

While our dedicated board of directors is geographically representative of our region and highly successful in diverse areas of expertise, they also are united by a shared belief in the mission of Ramah Darom. Many have deep and personal connections to Ramah and have seen firsthand their own Jewish faith strengthened through participation in our programming.

These generous individuals choose to give of their precious time because they share a passion for Judaism and building Jewish community. Below, the words of a small sample of our directors give testimony to the depth of this passion:

“Before volunteering to serve on the Board of Ramah Darom, I was only a fertility specialist. Now, I not only help make families, I am also helping to raise a generation of inspired, Jewishly committed children, young adults, and families. I have a very busy practice, caring for my patients, but I donate my scarce time because Ramah Darom has a valuable mission and delivers on its promise to create meaningful and enduring Jewish experiences for families and children.”

– Dr. Barry Ripps, Pensacola, Florida

“Over the last decade, my participation in year-round programming has introduced me to Jews from all over the world who make Ramah Darom their home for a short time. Our campers hail from 11 different states (many with parents who may never lay eyes on our spectacular campus). I want to make the experience extraordinary for all of these people, so I give of my time to the place that gave my children their wings.”

-Sam Dressler, Atlanta, Georgia

“I grew up at Ramah Darom. It has given me confidence, friends and helped form my identity as a leader and as a Jewish adult. It is an honor to give back to the place and people that have given me so much.”

– Asher Schlusselberg, New York, New York (formerly El Paso, Texas)

“I volunteer at Ramah Darom because this is the community where I feel a sense of belonging. I love my Jewish life and I feel surrounded by people with whom I can celebrate being Jewish.”

– Flora Oynick, Sarasota, Florida

“I believe that Ramah provides a powerful experience that will help preserve Judaism into the future. My own Jewish life changed dramatically by my time as a camper and counselor at Ramah in Canada. It helped make me into a leader in the Jewish community, and I want to see my three sons and others get the same experience that I did.”

– Jimmy Krell, Birmingham, Alabama

“As if I need one more reason to love, support and volunteer my time for Ramah Darom…while my two kids may fight like cats and dogs at home, at camp they are each other’s best friend, support system, and secret keepers. I have a lifetime of thanks to Ramah for giving them a safe place to grow into independent, yet dependent on each other, siblings.”

– Elissa Vessal, Boynton Beach, Florida

“I volunteer my time so that youth, families, and adults from all walks of life in the Southeastern US have access to transformational Jewish experiences.”

– Ben Miller, Atlanta, Georgia

“I volunteer because Ramah Darom represents the essence of Judaism. It is a place and an idea within which the roots of our heritage grow strong and our Jewish culture can thrive and be reborn again and again. I volunteer because Ramah Darom  fulfills my passionate desire to provide a place where my grandchildren and their children can aspire to become the best human beings they can be.”

– Dr. Gene Sacks, Nashville, Tennessee

The volunteer members of our active board of directors and honorary directors are the backbone of our organization. Volunteers in all capacities are a critical, and essential organizational resource. We are continually seeking talented and committed individuals who care about Ramah Darom and want to help ensure the continued excellence of our organization. If you share our passion and are interested in getting involved please contact Sharon Rosenfeld at srosenfeld@ramahdarom.org.