Ramah Darom Totality

Robyn Diamond8.23.17
I came to the Solar Eclipse Shabbat with my husband and 2 children expecting to view a moment of awe but what I got was three days of magic.

We packed our car, loaded up and picked up our kids from school early. We didn’t care that it was an excused absence or that things were left undone around the house because we were heading into the path of totality. The total eclipse was the culmination of a weekend filled with magical moments. Laughter, giggles, family time, meeting new friends and strengthening friendships we had made before. People came from all over the United States and Canada to be in the path of totality but they got so much more …they discovered Ramah Darom.

What was my favorite part? I know it might sound trite, but just sitting, listening, watching and being surrounded by my Ramah Darom family. The actual eclipse was too much to put into words and too awe inspiring to describe! The silence was so beautiful that it was numbing. The rings where the sun usually shines so brightly, the light to darkness and back to light, the cooling and heating of the air, the music and sun dancing and sharing the moment with my totality sisters. I will always remember where I was and who I shared this moment with and I am forever grateful to Ramah Darom for the gift of this community, this place, and this feeling.

When the darkness turned to light I cried. I cried for the miracle of this moment and for all that I have been given in this life. I cried for how far my family and I have come and I cried, with joy, for I have found my home at Ramah Darom.