Ramah Darom at Home Through My Eyes 

Robyn Diamond4.21.20
In the past few weeks, I’ve learned how to make Shakshuka and braid challah. I’ve been part of Ramah movement-wide concerts and taken dance breaks with Rachel. I’ve studied with rabbis, joined in on a panel discussion and taken art classes with both Camp and Retreat specialists. I’ve listened to stories from Chelm and learned about a dozen ways to run a Passover Seder. I’ve cheered on Geoff during morning burpees, taken a backyard beehive tour and cried from being so moved during an alternative morning prayer service 

Ramah Darom Staff on Ramah T-Shirt Day
Our Professional Staff and Board of Directors President on Ramah T-Shirt Day!

Our staff and our community have come together and invited us in. 

We often say you can’t understand the magic of Ramah Darom until you experience it for yourself. Well, as a Marketing Director, I can tell you that’s a hard sell. Bringing Ramah Darom into people’s homes has given us all a taste of the magic while clearly showing the depth and breadth of all of our offerings.  

As for me personally, I can honestly say that I feel more connected to my Ramah Darom colleagues and community than ever before. Thanks to Ramah Darom at Home, I’ve been invited into people’s homes for Havdallah and joined them as they prepared for Shabbat. I listened to my co-workers sing their hearts out and I’ve swayed along with them as we welcomed in a new week, together. 

We are no longer a secret because we are allowing people to get to know us. 

People are tuning in on social during a time when our social channels are usually quiet. They are pushing the share buttonthey are inviting their friends to join and they are helping us spread the word about Ramah Darom. Our presenters are also proudly sharing their presentations with friends, family and followers. My camper parent friends are thrilled that we shared some of our Passover programming, and I have read many thank you messages on Facebook and email. 

Ramah Darom at Home is making it easy for us to show our Camp families that we are more than a summer home for campers; we are an inclusive home away from home all year round for children, adults and families. Camp families have gotten to experience Retreat programs and Retreat families have gotten to know some of our favorite summer staff. We have all been able to join Camp Yofi families for a sing-a-long with the beloved Matt Kalin, and we watched Sarah Davis shine on camera while she taught us all to make loom bracelets. We learned about soccer live from Israel with Ido Arama, Rosh Soccer from last summer and we introduced our whole community to the amazingly talented magician, Ari SlomkaWe also held virtual aidah get-togethers, allowing campers to connect before the summer and giving them some extra support they may need during this time of uncertainty. And, we have danced, danced, danced! 

We are building new connections and strengthening ones that already exist.  

Our online programs are giving our existing community a reason to tune in and stay close and giving people, who might never have had the time or the means to participate before, the opportunity to join us 

I know we are not in the business of virtual programming, but I am grateful for this opportunity to dabble until we can all be together again. 

I am beyond grateful to not only be part of creating the magic but also to be able to experience it for myself. And, I look forward to being together, standing side by side, hugging and high fiving again at Ramah Darom.

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