Meet the 2018 Rashei Aidah

Robyn Diamond6.15.18

Adina Beiner

Rosh Gesher

“Camp Ramah Darom is my Jewish home away from home” 

Favorite Camp Meal: Grilled cheese and tomato soup, or tuna yum.
Favorite Camp Dance: Yehei Yehei

Hello, I’m Adina. This is my thirteenth year at Camp Ramah Darom! I was a camper for seven years, participated in Ramah Israel Seminar, came back as a counselor for four years and I’ve been a Rosh for two years. I’m from Atlanta, GA and I spent the last two year in Israel teaching English in an elementary school and staffing Nativ. Currently, I’m pursuing a masters in Middle Grades Education from the University of Georgia.

Michael Roochvarg

Rosh Nivonim

“To me, Ramah Darom means smiling until your face hurts”

Favorite Camp Meal: Wings
Favorite Camp Dance: Shmor Na Alienu

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my twelfth summer with Ramah Darom! I spent six years as a camper, plus Ramah Israel seminar, and this is my fifth year on staff. I’m from Charlotte, NC and just graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a double major in Political Science and Sociology. After this summer, I will be working as a business analyst in DC for Deloitte Federal.

Natan Gorod

Rosh Nachshonim

“Camp is a place where I feel most comfortable”

Favorite Camp Meal: Sloppy Joes
Favorite Camp Dance: Po Ze Lo Europa

Hi, I’m Natan. This will be my twelfth summer at Camp Ramah Darom! I spent seven summers at Ramah Darom as a camper, and this will be my fifth summer on staff. I did Ramah Israel Seminar, and I also spent a gap year in Israel on Nativ. The only reason I was not at camp last summer was that I was in Tel Aviv working at a startup. I’m excited to be back for my first summer as a Rosh Aidah. I’m from Atlanta, GA and attended the University of Michigan where I studied history with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. After camp, I will be moving to Chicago to work for the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and work as an ACCESS Associate.

Noa Havivi

Rosh Shoafim

“Camp is where I  am most me :)”

Favorite Camp Meal: Biscuits!
Favorite Camp Dance: Shir Nechama

I’m Noa and this is my eighteenth summer at camp and fifth summer on staff! I’m from Greensboro, NC. Post-camp I will be living and work in DC. I attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I studied Exercise and Sports Science & Psychology. I proudly have Israeli citizenship and I have had MANY amazing experiences in Israel. I lived there for a year as a child with my family, I studied abroad there my junior year of high school, and have visited many times since.

Erin Beiner

Rosh Kochavim

“Ramah Darom means authentic personal connections and significant Jewish growth”

Favorite Camp Meal: Chicken Wings
Favorite Camp Dance: Yehei Yehei

Hi, I’m Erin and this will be my twelfth summer at Camp Ramah Darom. I spent eight summers as a camper and this will be my fourth year on staff. I’m from Atlanta, GA and attended the University of Georgia where I studied Psychology and Sociology. I’ve been to Israel two times, once on my 8th-grade trip and the other with USY Pilgrimage. I will be moving to D.C in the fall to join the Avodah Jewish Service Corps. Through the Avodah program, I will be working for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) as a Community Organizer.

Rachel Schwartz

Rosh Halutzim

“Ramah Darom is a place to learn and grow!”

Favorite Camp Meal: Mac n Cheese
Favorite Camp Dance: Lo Normali

Hello, I’m Rachel I’m from Roswell, GA. I attended The University of Georgia, where I studied International Affairs and graduated Dec. 2017. I’ve been on staff at camp for two summers and I’ve worked at Ramah Darom’s year-round retreats for three years. I’ve been to Israel six times, most recently during the past fourth months leading up to Camp. After the summer, I will be studying at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Allison Sherman

Rosh Sollelim

“Ramah Darom means…Great times with great people!”

Favorite Camp Meal: Cookout!
Favorite Camp Dance: Lo Normali

Hi, I’m Allison from Boynton Beach, Florida. I’ve spent six years at Camp Ramah Darom, three as a camper and three as a counselor. I attended the University of Florida and studied Educational Science. I’ve been to Israel three times; my 8th-grade trip, March of the Living, and Birthright.

Caleb Rader

Rosh Nitzanim

“Camp Ramah Darom means making a difference”

Favorite Camp Meal: Grilled cheese
Favorite Camp Dance: Shmor Na Alienu

I’m Caleb and this will be my thirteenth summer at Ramah Darom. This is my fourth summer on Tzevet, and am so excited. After High School, I went on a program in Israel called Kivunim. It was really amazing to live and learn in Jerusalem and be a part of Israeli Culture. I’m from Boca Raton, Florida and I am currently studying Business Administration at Florida Atlantic University.

Shira Wasser

Rosh Garinim

“Camp Ramah Darom is the place that raised me- an inspiring and inclusive Jewish community”

Favorite Camp Meal: Cookout!
Favorite Camp Dance: Naim Achshav

Hi, I’m Shira and I’ve spent 21 years at Camp Ramah Darom, eight years as a camper, and eight on staff. I’m from Tampa, Florida and attended The University of Alabama where I studied Early Childhood Education and Religious Studies. I went on Ramah Israel seminar and I have visited Israel over ten times. I spent the last year in Israel working for the Nativ College Leadership Program, and I am moving back in October to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where I will get a Masters in Non-Profit Management.

Amit Horovitz

Rosh Garinim

“Camp Ramah Darom is the place where I can be myself, it’s like my second home.”

Favorite Camp Meal: Grilled Cheese
Favorite Camp Dance: Shir Nechama

Hello, I’m Amit Horovitz and I’m from Kfar Saba, Israel. This is my sixth year on staff at camp! I graduated from law school this year and have been living in Jerusalem where I worked for the Jewish Agency. After camp, I’m moving to Tel Aviv to start working in a law firm.