Meet Rachel Dobbs Schwartz

jewish summer campIn 1998, I came to Ramah Darom as a staff member and felt that the experience was transformative for me as both a young Jewish adult and as a young person learning to be a professional. I couldn’t stay away and returned for the next several summers to coach soccer and eventually, take on the role of Rosh Sport. After four summers, I decided to pursue a study abroad program in Sydney, Australia as part of my degree from the University of Michigan, but I always knew that I’d be back and that camp was my home.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a double bachelor’s degree in History and Art History, I pursued a career in education. I received a Master’s in Teaching from Emory University and went on to teach a wide variety of history courses to high school students over the next many years. Throughout my full-time teaching career, I served as a Team Lead Teacher (at Wesley International Academy) and also as the Co-Director of Student Life (at The Weber School).

In July 2020, after four years as Assistant Director of Camp Ramah Darom, I transitioned to my new role in the Ramah Camping world, Director of Ramah Poconos. I live in Atlanta with a fantastic family (husband, two children, and dog), and spend my free time playing music (drums and guitar), seeing live music, cooking, camping, hiking, and playing soccer and frisbee.