Meet Gideon Scher

Rosh Machanaut

Hello, I’m Gideon Scher. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, surrounded by oceans and mountains, which I explored whenever I could. After high school I worked as a white water rafting guide, leading multi-day river trips. I immigrated to Israel when I was 22, serving for two years as a commander in a combat unit in the Israeli Defense Force and for eight years as a commander in the Israeli Police Force, in a field unit responsible for safeguarding the city of Jerusalem.

After studying an M.A. in Security Studies at Georgetown University in Washington DC, I through-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a 4200 km trail that winds its way from Mexico to Canada. I have also hiked hundreds of kilometers in Croatia, Jordan, South Africa, Canada, Georgia and Israel. I am more at home sleeping under the stars than I am in my apartment. In fact, I sleep more soundly in my sleeping bag than I do in my own bed.

Four years ago I decided to follow my passion for the outdoors in a professional context, transitioning to the education field. After three years as a wilderness adventure facilitator at a non-profit foundation, I forged my own path and created my own business HORIZON JOURNEYS. My journey has by no means been a traditional one. It is my unorthodox path that today makes my abilities, knowledge and resources more flexible, more applicable and more valuable to those who I now guide and teach.

I look forward to sharing my passion for the outdoors with the campers. I also can’t wait to teach them about nature, new outdoor skills and to lead them on hikes so that they can enjoy and experience the beauty of the hills and forests surrounding Camp.