Camp Highlights: Week 5

Geoff Menkowitz7.14.19
The first few days of Session Bet were fun, fantastic and filled with new perspectives.

New campers took swim tests, learned new dances, learned group cheers, made their beds (twice now!) and made friends too.

I watched campers playing energetic soccer, painting carefully in the omanut (art), cooking (in Hebrew!) and fishing in the lake. (Fishing isn’t an elective activity at Camp but when campers fish during their free-time, they can bring any fish longer than ten inches to the kitchen and Chef Todd will cook it for them at the next meal.)

It has been beautiful to see old friends reuniting and new campers being welcomed into the fun by caring counselors and inclusive kids.

Check out this week’s episode of Shavua Tov, a video-glimpse of our first few days of Session Bet and the Nivonim (10th grade) campers’ “perspective” on what makes Ramah Darom so special.