Introducing Our New Board of Directors

Sharon Rosenfeld11.16.20
Last night, the Ramah Darom Board of Directors elected a new slate of Officers, Directors and members of our Advisory Council.

We are delighted that Elise Lipoff Mayer will serve as the new President of the Board. Elise and her family have deep connections to Ramah Darom. Elise, her husband Jonathan Mayer and daughters Hannah and Shira have all been part of our community for many years.

We are also thrilled to have an incredible group of new Directors joining our Board, all of whom have a strong personal connection to Ramah Darom.

Thank you to the following outgoing Board members for their many years of service to Ramah Darom:  Michelle Gary, Barbara Goldberg, Bruce Horovitz, Bradley Laye, Jason Ossey, Paul Root Wolpe and Howard Zandman.

Below is the new slate of Ramah Darom Officers, Board Members, and Advisory Council Members 

President: Elise Lipoff Mayer, Miami, FL
First Vice President: Angela Cohen, San Jose, CA
Vice President: Danny Schaffzin, Memphis, TN
Treasurer: Asher Schlusselberg, New York, NY
Secretary: Orly Klein, Baltimore, MD
Immediate Past President: Ben Miller, Atlanta, GA

New Board Members elected at the Annual Meeting 

Elizabeth Davis, Atlanta, GA
Naomi Ivker, Birmingham, AL
Adam Landa, Nashville, TN
Susan LeVine, St. Petersburg, FL
Luis Silberwasser, Miami, FL
Hannah Gutterman Spinrad, Chapel Hill, NC

Continuing Board Members 

Gabe Altman, Atlanta, GA
Sam Dressler, Atlanta, GA
Lauren Estrin, Atlanta, GA
Wendy Heller, Atlanta, GA
Randall Kaplan, Greensboro, NC
Rabbi Amy Rader, Delray Beach, FL
Stacey Slomka, Charlotte, NC
Gail Spielman, Atlanta, GA
Naftali Thomas, Memphis, TN
Sandy Zimmerman, Jacksonville, FL

New Advisory Council Members elected at the Annual Meeting 

Bruce Horovitz, Jacksonville, FL
Jason Ossey, Atlanta, GA
Howard Zandman, Atlanta, GA

Continuing Advisory Council Members 

Julian Brook, Birmingham, AL
Murray Friedman z”l
Sandy Herman, Nashville, TN
Leonard Kaplan z”l
Lori Kirschner, Dunwoody, GA
David Krueger, Germantown, TN
J.B. Mazer z”l
Ben Meisler, Daphne, AL
Debra Michaud, Boca Raton, FL
Abe Mitchell, Mobile, AL
Arlene Mitchell, Mobile, AL
Mayer Mitchell z”l
Gene Sacks, Brentwood, TN
Eric Singer, Atlanta, GA
Effie Spielman, Atlanta, GA
Alan Sussman, Charlotte, NC