A More Confident Child

Ramah Darom12.19.19
I just watched my daughter dance in front of the whole JCC camp at the Shabbat celebration. You might not know this, but that’s a pretty big deal for her and for us. My daughter is typically very shy in front of a group and prefers to be on the sidelines rather than in the thick of things. She has always been a little sensory sensitive, with some anxiety mixed in as well. Before going to Taste of Ramah she would not have been nearly as comfortable in front of a crowd as I saw her today. She also wouldn’t have handled the sensory aspect nearly as well.

When we came to pick her up from Camp, we saw a more confident child. She was dancing and singing and comfortable doing it! Her face radiated joy. She walked around Ramah Darom like she had been there all her life. She wasn’t shy or reserved around anyone. It was like she felt free to be herself.

Now she can’t stop talking about the process of becoming a Ramah counselor. “Garanim to Gesher, Seminar in Israel and then a counselor. After four years of being a counselor, you can be a Rosh.”

Being a counselor one day is now one of her goals.

It blows my mind what only two weeks at Ramah Darom has meant to her and done for her. My heart feels happy when I think of all the years she has to look forward to as a camper (and a counselor!)

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. To everyone on staff and especially to her phenomenal counselors.

-Anonymous Happy Camper Parent

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