Yoetz Porch

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We are excited to introduce The Yoetz Porch.  A place to find social and emotional resources for Camp Ramah Darom families. 

During the summer, our yoetzim (advisors) are the backbone of the social-emotional support for our Camp community, providing support to our campers, serving as the parent-liaison to parents and guardians, and educating, training and preparing our counseling staff for the summer.  

Each Camp aidah (age group) has a yoetz/et (advisor) assigned to be their go-to for support.  Just prior to Camp parents and guardians will receive their camper’s yoetz/et name and contact information for the summer.

Throughout the year, we will be holding a variety of virtual information sessions to help answer all your Camp questions. If you have specific questions or concerns about your child, please reach out to Elana Yeffet, Camper Care Coordinator or click here to scheduling time to speak with a team member.

Below are sources and articles to help support you and your family.

Helping Your Child Prepare for Camp

Dr. Audra Kaplan

Thank you for being our partner in preparing your child(ren) for a successful summer by discussing the following with them before they arrive at Camp. Read more.

3 things a day, everyday graphic

Practicing Gratitude

Carla Birnbaum

Does your family have a gratitude practice? At the Birnbaum home, they have a big (stuffed animal) Gratitude Turkey, Doc McStuffings (yes, that’s really his name). Read about their fun family tradition and the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude in “Practicing Gratitude“, and download a Gratitude Journal we made just for you.

Building Resilience

Shira Raviv Schwartz

Resilient children are problem solvers. The big question is how do we get our children to learn to problem-solve independently which leads to becoming resilient children? The simple answer is “what they can do… let them, what they can’t… help them”–gradually releasing so that they learn to ask themselves questions in order to think through solutions that will ultimately develop the skill of problem-solving. Read More.


Alex Peskin

We are a few months removed from what was a unique Kayitz BaBayit (summer at home) experience, and now is the time our chanichim (campers) start their daily countdown, even with hundreds of days left until Summer 2021. This highlights such an important part of our experience as human beings…having expectations we can count on. Unfortunately, this year we are all being heavily affected by the strong and opposite force of uncertainty. Read More.

Silver Linings & Support

by Robbie Medwed

…”One of the biggest challenges your children are facing is the lack of a structured division between major life events. In a typical summer, there are events that mark the end of the school year, the beginning of Camp, and, of course, the transition from Camp back to school. Without physically traveling to Camp, those natural moments that provide closure and help the kids process their emotions did not happen.” Read More.

Camp Cancellation Support Resources

How to Help Your Child(ren)

Self-Care Reminders for Parents & Guardians

Tips for Camp Staff

Social Stories

If you are concerned about your child and would like to speak to a member of our Camper Care Team, please reach out to Elana Yeffet, Camper Care Coordinator.