Y’alla Gesher

Calling All Camp Alumni! Join Y’alla Gesher, an exciting CRDAA initiative to help build the new Gesher Village at Ramah Darom.

Let’s Build Gesher Village at Ramah Darom!

Picture a village on the 45-acre property on the east side of Ramah Darom’s campus, high in the treetops, overlooking the lake. Imagine Gesher’s new home, with indoor and outdoor programming space to be used all year long, including:

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Be a Gesher Superhero!

Your donation shows the entire Ramah Darom Community that Gesher are leaders! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to meet your aidah goal by giving a suggested $18 x years since your Gesher year (or a gift that works for you).

For example: if you attended Gesher in 2012 (or were part of this group, even if you did not attend Gesher), your goal is $180 ($18 x 10 years). Your donation can be made all at once or over three years. For example: $60/year x 3 = $180 (Goal). 

Aidot with the most participation will have their Gesher photo displayed, commemorating their gift in Gesher Village for future generations to see (including, b’zrat Hashem, their own superhero spawn, someday). 

Y’alla Gesher!

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Miss the Y’alla Gesher! Campaign Kickoff? Watch the above video as Wally Levitt, Ramah Darom’s CEO, explains the whys and hows.

Sketch of three treetop Gesher cabins

Y’alla Gesher! is part of the Kadima! Campaign, a comprehensive plan supporting leadership, accessibility, education and fun through capital projects, program initiatives and endowments. Learn more at ramahdarom.org/kadima.

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