Ramah Darom’s Vaccination Policy

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Among our most cherished Jewish values is the importance of preserving life and maintaining health. Reducing the risk of vaccine-preventable illnesses from entering any of our programs is the single most effective strategy we can take to protect the health and wellbeing of our community. This goal can only be accomplished through the appropriate vaccination of all those in residence at Ramah Darom. Despite the best precautions taken to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, a shared living and eating environment increases the risk of transmission. While we respect that individual families may choose to forgo vaccinations, we cannot compromise the safety of our community as a whole.

Ramah Darom requires that all individuals, families and programmatic staff attending or working at any Ramah Darom program (including summer camp and retreats) adhere to the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as outlined in US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC) Recommended Immunization Schedules.

Camp Ramah Darom campers are required to upload proof of all immunizations. The retreat registration form asks guests to confirm that everyone included on their registration meets all immunization requirements.

Immunization Schedules

CDC Recommended Immunization Schedule for Age 18 Years and Younger
CDC Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule for Age 19 Years and Older

If you are not sure which vaccines you or your child(ren) have received, please ask your healthcare provider. Note: Not all states have the same requirements, but ALL CDC recommended immunizations are required at Ramah Darom.

Vaccination Exemptions

There are exceptions to the Ramah Darom vaccination policy, but they are extremely rare. We recognize that individuals who have had a documented severe allergy or severe adverse reaction to a particular vaccine may not be able to complete the immunization schedule outlined by the AAP and the CDC. Additionally, individuals with medical conditions such as congenital immunodeficiency or HIV, cancer and who are receiving chemotherapy, transplant patients, and persons receiving immunosuppressive drugs and chronic steroids also may not be able to receive certain vaccines.

We are happy to discuss case-by-case management of these circumstances of medical contraindication to partial or complete vaccination.

Process for Vaccinations Exemption Requests

Any exemption requests should be addressed to the Ramah Darom Medical Committee and emailed to Ramah Darom’s CEO wlevitt@ramahdarom.org. Requests must include current documentation from a Physician (MD or DO), or a Pediatric/Family Practice Advanced Practice Nurse (ARNP or PNP), describing the reason for exemption from immunization. Requests will be kept confidential and reviewed by our Medical Committee Chair, in consultation with members of the Ramah Darom Medical Committee as required. Ramah Darom is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy community and only grants vaccination exemptions in very rare circumstances.

Rental Groups

Each year dozens of groups rent the Ramah Darom campus to run their own programs. While we highly encourage all groups renting our campus to adopt their own vaccination policy, the Ramah Darom vaccination policy does not apply to rental groups.

Thank you for keeping our Ramah Darom community healthy!