Summer COVID Protocols

If your child tested positive for or has a direct exposure to someone with COVID-19 on or after June 5, please reach out to camp@ramahdarom.org for next steps. This includes if your camper tests positive on their mandatory pre-arrival PCR (within 72 hours before arrival) or the at-home rapid test (on arrival day).

Who must be vaccinated this summer?
  • All campers, staff and visitors this summer must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Booster requirement for campers 12+ and staff working directly with campers: those attending Session Aleph who completed their primary vaccination series before January 1, 2022, or those attending Session Bet and completed their primary vaccination series before February 1, 2022, must also get the COVID booster before coming to Camp. “Completed primary vaccination series” means the date they had their second Pfizer or Moderna shot, or their single J&J shot.
  • Campers and Gan kids 5-11 and all others on campus are highly encouraged to be boosted per CDC guidelines.
  • Please click below to review our Camp 2022 COVID-19 Vaccine & Booster Policy frequently asked questions. Camp – 2022 COVID-19 Vaccine & Booster Policy FAQs
What are the pre-arrival protocols?
  • On arrival day at Camp, everyone (campers, staff & visitors) must bring proof of a negative PCR test taken in the previous 72 hours, as well as a picture of a negative rapid test taken that morning.
  • Anyone with a positive rapid test on arrival day must get a confirmatory PCR. If negative and symptom-free, they may come to Camp. If positive, they must complete the CDC-recommended isolation period before coming to Camp. If we learn of a positive case on a flight to Camp, those campers/staff will follow CDC guidelines for exposure
  • We also recommend campers test in the 10-12 days before Camp.
  • Testing will not be required for anyone who had a documented COVID-19 infection after April 1st (Session Aleph campers) or May 1st (Session Bet campers).
What are masking protocols?
  • This summer, no masks will be required while at Camp. However, any camper or staff wishing to wear a mask may continue to do so without fear of judgment.
  • As communicated to Session Bet families, until we have results from the Sunday, July 17 PCR tests, campers will mask when indoors with other aidot, and we will spread out at all-Camp events for those first few days.
  • All campers will be asked to mask when on trips to indoor locations outside Camp.
What is the plan for COVID testing at Camp?
  • COVID rapid tests will be administered to everyone at Camp 2 days after arrival. In Session Bet, PCR tests will also be administered to everyone 4 days after arrival.
  • On return from a trip of two or more nights outside Camp (except where they were only outside and did not interact with others), rapid tests will be administered to all campers and staff when they return to Camp, and again 2 days later.
  • For one-night trips outside Camp (except where they were only outside and did not interact with others), rapid tests will be administered to all campers and staff 2 days later
  • Staff leaving Camp for days-off will rapid test when they return to Camp and again 2 days later.
  • Visitors will be administered a rapid test on arrival to Camp (in addition to requiring a PCR in the previous 72 hours).
  • Those with COVID-like symptoms during the summer will be administered a rapid test in the MARP, and may require a follow-up PCR test based on a testing algorithm developed by our Medical Committee.
What happens if someone tests positive for COVID at Camp?
  • COVID-positive campers will isolate in the MARP for the CDC-recommended isolation period. On day 6, if symptoms are improving, they can return to Camp activities while staying masked and continuing to eat and sleep separately. Campers can move back to their bunks and unmask on day 8. If there are a large number of COVID cases in Camp, we may require positive campers to be picked-up by their families and returned to Camp at the end of their isolation period.
  • Beginning in Session Bet, any camper who tests positive for Covid is required to be picked up and isolate at home. If families are planning to be away, we ask them to please designate a relative or friend who can be “on-call” in the event their camper tests positive.
  • Others in the positive campers’ bunk, and others who have had close contact exposure, will follow applicable CDC guidelines and rapid test every 3 days until cases have subsided or until their session is coming to an end.
  • Situational awareness will be used to drive real time operational decisions.
What will the MARP (Health Center) look like?
  • A separate triage area will be created to isolate those with cold/virus symptoms.
  • If a camper needs to seek medical care outside of Camp, protocols will be in place to safely transport the camper.
  • We will maintain a separate isolation area for those who test positive for COVID-19 until they able to re-join their bunk.