Small Community Incentive

First-Time Camper from a Small Jewish Community?

Get an instant $3000 OFF this summer at Ramah Darom and big savings next summer, too!!!!


First-time 4 week campers from small Jewish communities are eligible for an instant $3,000 OFF this summer at Ramah Darom, and big savings next summer, too!!!*

We are delighted to announce Legacy Heritage Fund has established an incentive program at Ramah Darom for new campers for two summers, in summers 2021 and 2022. The program’s goal is to enrich children’s Jewish learning and identity by giving them the opportunity to attend camps with strong Jewish content and programming. *Please note that these incentives are for campers from small Jewish communities only (population of 10,000 Jews or less.)

Each new, eligible 4 week camper registered for Session Bet at Camp Ramah Darom this summer will receive a total of $3,000 towards tuition, and a minimum guaranteed $1,500 for next summer.

These small community incentives may be used in combination with One Happy Camper and in addition to military family discounts and other scholarship awards. (For communities offering One Happy Camper, new campers will receive $3,000 this year between the two grants.)

Funds are limited and will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Contact Julia Weiss at camp@ramahdarom.org or 470.344.2191 to learn more about Ramah Darom and the Small Communities Incentives Program.