Registered Camper Family Resources 2022


Summer COVID Protocols

Travel Information

If you have any questions about travel o, please contact Micah Segal-Miller, Business Operations Coordinator at 470-440-9873 or msegalmiller@ramahdarom.org.

Car Travel

  • Pick-up in Atlanta: Families can pick their camper(s) up from Congregation B’nai Torah in Sandy Springs at 11:30 am or the Atlanta airport at 12:00 pm. The Atlanta buses cost $75 each way. If the buses are cost-prohibitive for your family, please contact Deanne Brown at dbrown@ramahdarom.org.
  • Pick-up from Camp: Families can drive to Camp to pick up their camper(s) between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm on departure day.

Driving Directions to Camp

Bus Travel

We are excited to offer round-trip coach buses on the routes listed below! Please note that if we do not reach a minimum number of campers registered for a specific bus by April 15, we will call those who have signed up to help make alternative travel plans. If the buses are cost-prohibitive for your family, please contact Deanne Brown at dbrown@ramahdarom.org.

  • Atlanta: On August 8, families can pick their camper(s) up at 11:30 am from Congregation B’nai Torah in Sandy Springs or at 12:00 pm from the Atlanta airport. The bus costs $75 each way.
  • North Carolina: The bus costs $125 each way from Charlotte and $150 each way from Greensboro or Durham.
    • Session Bet: Pick-up will be at both Temple Israel in Charlotte (12:30 pm on August 8) and Beth El Synagogue in Durham (3:00 pm on August 8).

Air Travel

  • On departure day, counselors will accompany campers to their departure gates. The cost for busing from the airport is $75 each way.
    • Please understand that for campers flying from an airport on the flight list, Ramah Darom is only able to meet them at the gate if they are on the listed flight. Please email msegalmiller@ramahdarom.org if you have any questions
  • Chaperones: Ramah Darom will provide chaperones on certain flights, and you will be notified of your camper’s chaperone information before departure day.
  • Unaccompanied minors: If your camper is not on a chaperoned flight or flying with an adult, please visit Delta’s website to read through their unaccompanied minor policy. If you need to provide contact information for the adult meeting your child in Atlanta, please list Micah Segal-Miller at 470-440-9873. The day before the flight, we will be in touch to provide updated contact information for the counselor meeting your camper.


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Yoetzim (Parent Liaisons)

Yoetzim (Senior Advisor/Parent Liaisons)

Each aidah has a Yoetz/et at Camp. Yoetzim support counselors and campers and will be available to answer questions or inquiries about your child’s Camp experience. They will also be an integral part of arrival day to offer support and answer questions. We will email you more information about your camper’s Yoetz/et and how to contact them before the session begins.

If you have concerns about your camper, please reach out to their Yoetz/et (Parent Liaison) listed below by aidah (age division). Messages left for your child’s Yoetz/et will be returned within 24 hours. Messages left on Wednesday will be returned on Thursday, and messages left on Friday or on Shabbat will be returned Sunday.

You can also reach a live person between 9-5, Sunday–Friday by calling 706.782.9300. In case of emergency after hours, please call 706.782.9300 and follow the prompts to reach our after-hours answering service.

Aidah Grade Yoetz/et Phone #
Ta’am 2nd Shira Schwartz 706.447.9521
Garinim 3rd Amy Wasser 706.426.9500
Nitzanim 4th Debby Wiston 706.481.2655
Sollelim 5th Dani Luft 706.481.2648
Halutzim 6th Debby Wiston 706.481.2655
Kochavim 7th Jason Cathcart 706.750.9989
Shoafim 8th Jason Cathcart 706.750.9989
Nachshonim 9th Vicki Cathcart 706.481.2656
Nivonim 10th Dani Luft 706.481.2648
Gesher 11th Vicki Cathcart 706.481.2656

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