Taste of Ramah

A two-week Taste of Ramah is the perfect way to introduce younger campers to the magic of Camp Ramah Darom. This program is ideal for campers going away from home for the first time. Young campers transition into the rhythms of camp life and are introduced to the independent living skills they will need for a 4-week camp experience.

Daily activities include a full sports program, swimming, arts and crafts, Hebrew, Shabbat and all that Ramah has to offer. Taste of Ramah, much like our Family Camp programs, is a great entry point into the Ramah Darom community. Once they’ve had a “taste,” campers are eager to come back for more!

Session Rising Grade 2021 Dates 2021 Rates
Taste of Ramah Aleph 3rd & 4th June 16-27 $2,795
Taste of Ramah Bet 3rd & 4th July 14 - 25 $2,795

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“When I picked up my daughter who went to Taste of Ramah and she ran to the car crying, I thought she was so excited and moved to see me. I, of course, starting crying too. She made it clear very quickly that she was crying because she didn’t want to leave camp and NOT because she missed me… Oh well…”