Athletic Edge

Intensive Athletic Tracks
at Camp Ramah Darom!

Pursue your passion for sports while being part of Ramah Darom’s vibrant and inclusive Jewish summer camp. 





Athletic Edge is 2-week intensive sport tracks within a 4- or 8-week summer session at Camp Ramah Darom.

Campers who select a single intensive athletic track will spend two weeks of their summer session training in lacrosse, rowing, fitness or tennis. For the other two or six weeks of the session, they will be traditional, multi-track campers, choosing from a wide range of electives and activities. Campers may also participate in two back-to-back athletic tracks of the same or different sports for no additional fee.

Athletic Edge is an excellent opportunity for kids to hone their skills in a sport they love, try a new “game” or do both! 

“Our daughter had a great time! She had never played Lacrosse before and this program gave her the opportunity to try something new.”

Skilled at Lacrosse and want to try Tennis? Great! Choose two different athletic tracks. Love rowing so much you can’t get off the water? OK! Choose two of the same athletic tracks. No matter what combination of tracks a camper chooses, we promise a summer filled with non-stop adventure and fun, plus all the magic of Ramah Darom

This program is for rising 6th-10th-graders. No prior experience necessary.

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Not seeing your favorite sport available as an intensive Athletic Edge elective? All current options offer physical conditioning and can be a great way to stay fit and prepared for the fall sports season. Our campers who play football and dance competitively say that Athletic Edge keeps them in shape while they are enjoying Camp, which makes for a smooth transition when they rejoin their team. Top coaches also recognize the benefits of taking a short break from your main sport and trying something new.

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