Meet Robbie Medwed


Hi, I’m Robbie Medwed and I’m excited to be returning to Camp for my third summer as a Yoetz (parent liaison) and my 16th summer at Camp! I started working at Camp in its fourth summer way back in 2000 as a senior counselor and music specialist. In addition to being a bunk counselor and specialist, I spent six summers as Rosh Omanuyot HaBama (performing arts) and Rosh Drama. I’ve also been Rosh Tefillah, a Rosh Aidah, Yahadut (Judaics) staff, and I spent a few summers as a guest educator. My Ramah connections spread across the country and internationally; I joined the staff of Ramah Galim (Northern California) as Rosh Drama during their first summer in 2015 and was a Rosh Kvutsa (group leader) on Ramah Israel Seminar back in 2007. There’s very little I haven’t done at Camp, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that I finally conquered my fear of heights and climbed to the top of the Tower – something I’ll never, ever, ever do again. (I’m also not afraid to cry in front of campers, something I did a lot that day.) When I’m not at Camp during the winter, I’m a middle school teacher at the Epstein School in Atlanta, Georgia, and when I’m not at Camp during the summer, I’m almost always hiking to a waterfall in the mountains. As a Yoetz, I like speaking to parents and telling them all about Camp, but I enjoy helping campers have an incredible summer even more.