Fitness Track

Athletic Edge Intensive Fitness Track at Camp Ramah Darom!

Focus on fitness this summer in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Condition, train, build strength and endurance and be part of our magical and inclusive Jewish community.

2 weeks of intensive sports. 3 hours a day.  5 days a week. All levels welcome!

About Athletic Edge Fitness

Athletic Edge Fitness is a 2 week intensive track during Session Bet, a 4-week session (July 8 – Aug. 3, 2020) at Camp Ramah Darom, for rising 7th-10th-graders. No prior experience necessary.

Campers participating in a single Fitness Track will spend half of the month-long session focusing intensively on fitness for five days a week, three hours daily. For the other two weeks of the session, campers can go the multi-track route, choosing from a wide range of electives and activities or they can choose to stay with Athletic Edge, continuing with fitness or exploring a different Athletic Edge offering: Rowing, Tennis or Lacrosse.

Athletic Edge is an excellent opportunity for campers to hone their skills in a sport they love, try a new “game” or do both! 

“Our daughter had a great time! She had never played Lacrosse before and this program gave her the opportunity to try something new.”

Head Fitness Coach

Stay tuned for more information.

Dates, Fees & Financial Aid

Athletic Edge Sports Tracks are offered during Session Bet. To participate in one or two Athletic Edge tracks, a camper must enroll in the full 4-week session, July 8 – Aug. 3.

Session rates are based on the age of the camper. There is an additional $500 programming fee for a single Athletic Edge Track. Campers may add a second Track for free. Camp rates are based on the age of the camper. Financial aid is available. 


For more information about Athletic Edge, please fill out the form below, email Tamar Tecktiel or call 404.531.0801.

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