Health & Safety Protocol Agreement Form

In order to create a safe environment for everyone, all Getaway guests must commit to a shared set of COVID-19 prevention protocols including physical distancing. The Primary Contact for each Household is asked to complete this agreement on behalf of the entire reservation. Please read the list of protocols below. When you register, the Primary Contact will be asked to initial next to each and sign at the end, and share these protocols with your entire Household before arriving at Ramah Darom. 


I, ___________________, on behalf of all members of my Household attending the Getaway, agree to the following protocols: 

  • We will inform Ramah Darom, prior to arriving on campus, if any member of our Household has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the start date of the Getaway. We understand that our Household is considered those with whom we live outside of the Getaway, and with whom we will be sharing housing space with at the Getaway. 
  • In advance of arrival to the Ramah Darom campus, we will complete a health screening questionnaire and will bring it with us for review by medical personnel upon arrival. 
  • Upon arrival, we understand that we will each have our temperature checked and an additional medical screening will be administered. We understand that should Ramah Darom’s medical professional, in their sole discretion, determine that anyone in our Household may be a health risk to the community, our Household will not be allowed to attend the Getaway. 
  • We understand that each morning of the Getaway (except Shabbat), we will each have our temperatures checked and must answer a short screening questionnaire before entering the dining hall for breakfast. 
  • We agree to follow COVID-19 prevention protocols at all times while at the Getaway.  
  • We will wear color-coded wristbands during the entirety of the Getaway to help clearly identify members of our Household.  
  • We agree to maintain a minimum of six feet distance from others not in our Household at all times. We understand that it is the responsibility of the Ramah Darom staff and all Getaway attendees to say something if they notice Households not following physical distancing protocols. 
  • We will wash our hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds before all meals and after going to the bathroom. 
  • We will wear a mask when entering any public building on campus other than during mealtimes and will make best efforts to wear a mask during any interactions with other guests or staff members when outdoors.  
  • We will remain on campus during the Getaway to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  
  • We may check out reusable activity supplies owned by Ramah Darom (such as mountain bikes or tennis rackets) for personal use, and agree to return them to a Ramah Darom staff member for sanitizing before use by the next guest not in your Household.  
  • We understand that if a member of our Household develops symptoms of COVID-19 within a week of leaving the Ramah Darom campus, all members of our Household must get tested via an administered nasal swab test and inform Ramah Darom of the results. Should a member of our Household test positive for COVID-19, we understand that Ramah Darom will communicate this result to guests and staff members who attended recent Getaways. Any communication about a positive result will keep our identity anonymous. 

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