COVID-19 Prevention Protocols 

For the purpose of our Prevention Protocols, the following terms are defined as:

  • Getaway: Onsite programs planned and executed by Ramah Darom for pre-registered guests
  • Household: Those who live together in the same home outside the Getaway and will be sharing hotel rooms onsite.
  • Staff: Those employed by Ramah Darom who come on property during the Getaway
  • PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

General Requirements of Guests & Staff

Physical Distancing

Guests and staff must always maintain a minimum of six feet distance from others not in their household

Handwashing & Sanitizing

  • Washing hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds is required before all meals and after going to the bathroom and recommended as often as possible throughout the day
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be stationed at locations around campus and provided to each household to keep on their person throughout the day for use after touching shared surfaces

Face Masks & Cloth Face Covers

  • Masks are required when entering any public building on campus and recommended during any interactions with guests or staff members not in their immediate household both indoors and outdoors

Available Medical Attention

  • A medical professional will be onsite during any 3-night Getaway or longer. The medical professional will be responsible for managing the intake of all guests, approving the temperature reports submitted by staff, and being on-call for the duration of the Getaway for any medical emergencies which may arise

Preventing Spread

  • Guest many not leave the property during Getaways 
  • A 30-minute sanitizing period has been scheduled between every activity session
  • No indoor prayer services will be provided
  • The indoor gym, library, multipurpose room and spiritual center will remain closed during each Getaway
  • Each household will be provided with a dedicated “rain and activity space” apart from their housing area for use throughout each Getaway
  • Each Household will be given a color-coded wristband to be worn during the entirety of the Getaway to identify members of each Household together

Screening & Prevention

Upon Registering

  • A liability waiver must be signed to submit a registration
  • A protocol contract will be included in the registration form. The Head of Household for the registration form will be required to initial next to each policy to indicate that they have read it and will sign in order to submit a registration

Upon Arrival

  • All households will be sent a screening questionnaire prior to arrival. These questionnaires should be filled out no sooner than 48-hours of arrival and returned by email or turned in upon arrival. 
  • Guests will pull into the front gate and will stay inside their car while a medical professional reads over the questionnaire, asks follow-up questions and takes a thermal temperature reading of everyone in the car
  • If any individual in the car has a fever of 100.4F / 38C the Household will not be allowed on campus
  • If an individual has a normal temperature but has taken ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen within eight hours of arrival to the Getaway they may enter campus but will need their temperature re-screened and may not enter the dining room until their medicine has worn off

Onsite Monitoring – Guests

  • Daily temperature checks: Guests and staff residing onsite will receive a morning temperature check upon arrival to breakfast (guests will not have temperatures checked on Shabbat) and will answer a basic set of screening questions. If not attending breakfast we will go directly to the concierge desk for the daily screening after leaving our room for the day’s activities
  • Pre-registration will be required for any activities which are contained within a limited physical space such as archery or swimming
  • Guests will check out reusable activity supplies owned by Ramah Darom (such as mountain bikes or tennis rackets) for personal use and will return to a Ramah Darom staff member for sanitizing before use by the next guest
  • Signage will be displayed prominently in every private housing area, dining hall and public activity area and will utilize both written English and images to remind guests and staff of all ages to stay physically distanced at least six feet, wear masks indoors, wash hands regularly, and not to share equipment with others before sanitizing

Response & Management of Guest Case(s) or Probable Case(s) Onsite

  • Anyone who develops a fever of 100.4F will be asked to leave the campus along with their Household. All public spaces will be sanitized immediately
  • If there is only one person with a fever onsite, we will alert other guests and staff of steps which were taken to mitigate the (anonymous) case but will allow the Getaway to continue
  • If there is more than one household with a fever or other symptoms that develop while they are at the Getaway, we will end the Getaway promptly and do a thorough cleaning of the premises


  • If a guest leaves a Getaway due to symptoms of COVID-19, we will request that they get tested with an administered nasal swab test and inform Ramah Darom of the results
  • In the policy agreement in the guest registration form, we will request that anyone who develops symptoms within 2 weeks post-Getaway should alert Ramah Darom
  • If Ramah Darom is informed of a positive COVID-19 result, we will keep their identity anonymous but will notify all guests who were there during that Getaway with the recommendation of screening

Staff Testing & Onsite Monitoring

  • All local staff must be tested in advance of the first Getaway with an administered nasal swab test
  • Staff coming from Atlanta are required to have an administered nasal swab test in advance of travel to the local area and must self-isolate until receiving results
  • Any staff with a positive COVID-19 test in advance of the first Getaway may not come on to the Ramah Darom campus and may only return to work once they have received two negatives within 48 hours on follow-up tests
  • Any staff with a positive COVID-19 test in advance of a Getaway may not come on to the Ramah Darom campus and may only return to work once they have received two negatives COVID-19 test results

Housing Spaces

  • Guests will stay in hotel rooms or studio-style cottages with immediate Household members only
  • All hotel rooms and cottages will be supplied with disinfectant spray for personal use by guests throughout the program
  • Hotel rooms/cottages will be stocked prior to arrival. No housekeeping will be provided during a guest stay
  • Guest sleeping areas will be cleaned/sanitized after guest departure from campus before the arrival of the next guests
  • In addition to standard cleaning and sanitizing procedures, a commercial-grade sanitizing fogger machine will be used in each sleeping area to emit sanitizing solution on every surface of the room, which will be allowed to fully air dry before next use

Common & Shared Spaces

Office & Staff Work Areas

  • All workstations, including cubicles, desks, phones, bathrooms, keypads and chairs will be wiped down daily according to standard sanitizing practices. These areas will be restricted to Ramah Darom staff only and no guests may be allowed to use the office area for personal work.

Indoor & Outdoor Activity Spaces

  • Facility staff will follow a scheduled routine of wiping down tabletops, chairs, handrails, doors and doorknobs of activity spaces multiple times a day. Facility Staff will also include public bathrooms throughout the campus in the scheduled cleaning rotation, and a “cleaned/waiting to be cleaned” signage system will be implemented to communicate bathroom availability. The general cleaning schedule of indoor and outdoor public spaces will be communicated to guests upon arrival to campus.

Shared & Assigned Supplies & Equipment

  • Water fountains will be discontinued from use, and water bottle filling stations will be set up throughout the campus. Disposable water bottles will also be available for consumption
  • Each household will be provided with a box of activity supplies upon arrival (such as arts and crafts supplies, packaged snacks, program information, games, etc.), which will include both sanitized inventory for return to Ramah Darom and one-time-use supplies to be shared amongst Household members only

Food Service & Dining

Dining Area Setup

  • Dining will be seated by Household, and each Household will have the same dining table and chairs designated for them for the entirety of their stay
  • Dividers will be set up between each table for a visual reminder of physical distancing during meals and tables will be set up a minimum of 9 ft. apart
  • Garbage cans will be stationed throughout the dining hall

Dining Schedules

  • Each Household will have the option of dining in the dining hall or packing their food to eat in their rooms or outside
  • The dining hall will be closed to guests between meals

Dining System

  • Meals will be served family-style
  • Contactless lunch and dinner orders, as well as next-day pack-out lunches for morning pickup, will be taken on an order sheet left at the table during breakfast
  • Tables will be set with a customized setup per Household in advance of guests’ arrival to the dining hall with everything they will need during mealtime including tableware, disposable to-go containers and silverware packets for optional pack-out or leftovers, food, drinks and accoutrements
  • Front of House staff will be stationed near the handwashing area and bathroom area to address sanitizing needs and will generally not be interacting with guest tables during meals

Kitchen & Front of House Workers 

  • Upon arriving to work, all staff must immediately wash hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds and don a face mask, disposable gloves and clean apron
  • Freshly laundered or disposable aprons, disposable gloves and surgical masks will be provided for all kitchen and front of house staff
  • For front of house staff, gloves and aprons should be replaced between each meal of the day after sanitizing the dining hall and before setting up for the next meal
  • For kitchen staff, gloves and aprons should be replaced any time they leave the kitchen area for a break or end of shift

Cleaning & Disinfection

  • All food and disposables remaining on tables to be thrown away by staff in garbage cans including scraping reusable plates before placing in dish pits
  • All reusable tableware will be collected in dish pits by staff and brought immediately to the dishwashing station
  • All linens will be bagged for laundering between meals
  • All table and chairs will be sanitized with CDC-approved cleaning supplies
  • All reusable items from tables, including salt and paper shakers, napkin holders, etc. will be sanitized between each meal.
  • Garbage cans will be emptied after each meal, wiped down on the sides, and replaced with a clean garbage bag

Public Restrooms & Washing Stations

  • All bathrooms will be gender-neutral
  • A staff person will be assigned to the washing sink in the main dining room at the beginning of meals to wash between each household use
  • The main door to the restrooms will stay propped open to avoid open-and-close touching
  • Only one person/family to use the bathroom at a time
  • A “cleaned/waiting to be cleaned” signage system will be implemented to communicate bathroom availability per stall
  • A staff person will be assigned to keep abreast of bathroom status to keep bathrooms available
  • Sanitizing will include a wipe down of all touchpoints with a disposable towel including, but not limited to toilet seats, toilet handles, toilet paper dispensers, stall doors inside and out, stall signage, sinks, faucets, handles, paper towel knobs, doorknobs and garbage can tops

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Rachel Herman Senior Program Manager Ramah Darom